IGN UK Sega Rally Review

Judging by the raft of next-gen racing games released this year any developer considering entering the genre will need to meet strict criteria just to match the competition. A super-realistic damage engine? Check. A customisation tool that makes Photoshop look like Mario Paint? You bet. And more cars than Tim Westwood? Absolutely. With this in mind, does SEGA Rally stall at the starting grid, considering it lacks these pretty much all of these vital criteria? Thankfully, no. You see, while it may have none of the above what it lacks in extras it makes up for with an extremely enjoyable racing experience that's more thrilling than Richard Hammond's driving career.

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xaphanze4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

this one looks like it will be better than dirt. Never expected that.

power0919994791d ago

Where did that comment come from?

They are not even the same genre.

Regardless I just hope it plays better than Dirt. It seems this reviewer really enjoyed it.

I was a bit let down by Dirt. :( RIP Colin