Contact lenses project Images Straight to your Eye: What it means for Gaming

Revolt-Tech Writes:

A technology which has been rapidly developing, and is now on the verge of a viable release, in-eye contacts which project images/video could greatly impact our “view” on gaming (get it?)

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writersblock2834d ago

Drop money on HDTV, 3DTV Comes out
Buy 3DTV, glasses-free 3D comes out
Buy glasses-free 3DTV... in-eye TV?


King-Leonidas2834d ago

think about it! Real life HUD!!!! ahahahaha amazing

rockleex2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Most popular thing would be a GPS radar on the lower right corner of your eyes, kinda like in GTA. :D

Imagine playing a real game of football and the lens can keep track of the scores. Maybe it could even overlay a simple uniform on top of the players. Or maybe just overlay solid colors on top of each player to differentiate between the two teams.

I bet paintball or airsoft gun matches will become REALLY popular in real life if they provide HUDs like CoD and keep track of scores.

mushroomwig2834d ago

That's technology for you, it advances so quickly.

It's Moore's law.

AndrewRyan2833d ago

I didn't even think about gaming... I thought about cheating on my exams in university.

HarryMonogenis2834d ago

What if they malfunctioned and you couldn't see anything for a while?

ArmrdChaos2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

This tech is still a long ways off, if ever. This type of thing has a better chance of being handled by some type of implant vs. contact. While it might be possible to build LED type contacts, no where do they explain how they will manage to get those images to the contacts or how to even power the contacts.

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DarthRevan2834d ago

What it means is porn straight to my dome

SMOK3xFFx2834d ago

I'm going to get a radar in the top left corner of my contact lens.

DarkBlood2834d ago

what next terminators ?

Call_me_Ishmael2834d ago

hmm,if they can somehow detect our body parts and project items on to them in the cotacts,it wouldm provide an interesting experience

e.g you see a gun on your hand through the contacts

DarthRevan2834d ago

If this gets used in gaming, they'll call it a murder simulator and we'll go through that shitstorm for a year. Then when the media cant get views off it anymore, we'll be able to play games like that

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The story is too old to be commented.