IGN: Is NHL GameCenter Worth It?

With the All-Star Break just around the corner, IGN sheds some light on whether hockey-loving PS3 users should take the plunge with NHL GameCenter.

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Washington-Capitals2929d ago

Oh please come on, i am one of the biggest hockey fans around and unless you are super rich or have a job in the business this is a waste of money. You can always find any sporting even on the 'internet' for free.

Octo12929d ago

Unless your a die hard hockey fan then NO. Most games can be seen free online.

karlowma2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I used to subscribe to Gamecenter and found it to be pretty awesome. Not sure you can do this on the PS3 version, but on PC i used to stream 4 games simultaneously to a bigscreen tv, switching the audio to whichever one I was most interested in. If you're a BIG hockey fan, it's a really great service.

Live games can usually be found online, yes, but the quality is terribad. And it's next to impossible to find replays of previous games, be it yesterday, or a year ago. Gamecenter gives you that in HD.

Pricey? Yeah, but if you love the game it's worthwhile.

Btw, $150 a year makes you super rich? Ever paid rent? Or car insurance? I spend $150 in two months at Tim Hortons.

nevin12928d ago

what is Tim Hortons?

Anyway, you have to be a SUPER HARDCORE hockey fan to go for this.

maxcer2928d ago

"what is Tim Hortons?"

its a religious movement here in canada

Washington-Capitals2928d ago

Tim Horton is as a part of my life as taking a shit. I go at least once a day.