IGN: Why Superhero Games Fail

Video games, sadly, are way behind the curve. And even though there have been some stellar comic-inspired games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum and Infamous, they still fail to capture the key elements that give superheroes value.

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MasFlowKiller2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Just lol
This feels like a response to dc online, case I can tell you 2 great superhero games that rocks and "did it right", LOL

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deadreckoning6662832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Well, ill read the article before I give my opinion on it. You normal people should do.

EDIT: Yeah, you two should actually read the article instead of going ape over the title. They are making a comparison between the feeling you get when you read a superhero comic book and playing a superhero game.

What there basically saying is that superhero videogames lack the substance of a comic book. In a superhero comic book, Spiderman for example, your introduced to EVERY aspect of Peter Parker's life(girlfriend, relatives, friends, job, drama of being in highschool etc.) These important elements are NEVER present in superhero videogames, which is the problem that IGN has with superhero videogames.

In superhero video games, all you essentially do is take part in ONE main story arc and fight bad guy after bad guy until you get to the end. In a GOOD superhero adventure, your given the hero's origins and human attributes such as the real life struggles of being a superhero. THIS is whats missing in superhero games and THATS why IGN has says that they fail.

If you take the time to think about it....I think you will agree. Arkham Asylum and Infamous are great superhero games...but they lack the density of you get from the comic book experience.

@gamingisnotacrime- So, because ONE IGN journalist screwed up a review...ALL IGN journalist are incapable of writing a good piece? Whatever dude.

gamingisnotacrime2832d ago

this is ign, aka IGNorant
it just fails in everything

Dont forget the GT5 review fiasco

firefoxprime2832d ago

I dunno...Spiderman 2 and Arkham Asylum are some stellar games.

DelbertGrady2832d ago

Don't bother.

As you can see below 90% of N4G's users are illiterate and paranoid. They don't read past the headlines and they think the 'medias' are out to get Sony.

Chris3992832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

It's being done by Hilary, who is one of the side-reviewers of the game. Before his DCUO review comes out. It just sounds like a precursor of what's to come, really.

Oh, and he admits in his DCUO pre-review that he has never been into MMOs.

Awesome! They should hire me to review FPSes, which I loathe. I'm bound to give an impartial opinion.

Games journalism is borked.

DCUO will get a 7-8 from them, which is an insult as it's the best MMO to launch since WoW. AND they crammed it on a console, the whole thing is remarkable really. I've played EVERY MMO since EQ and this is easily one of the best, if not the best depending on how well they support it with content.

Edit: Pretty sure that neither you nor Delbert have even played the game. Even if you hate the PS3, just pick it up on PC (but play with a controller). It's incredibly good. It's also a bit "lol" that it's posted in the Xbox channel.

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RageAgainstTheMShine2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Ask yourself

Sunsoft's Batman failed?
Konami's Batman failed?
Sega's Batman failed?
Sega's X-men 1 & 2 failed?
Spiderman 1 & 2 on the PS1 failed?
X-Men Arcade fail? Did X-Men Children of the Atom failed?
X-Men vs Street Fighter failed?
Marvel Superheroes failed?
Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter failed?(my favorite)
Did Marvel Vs Capcom 1 & 2 failed?
inFamous failed?
Batman Arkham Asylum failed?

or does IGN fail?

JoySticksFTW2832d ago

The two "X-Men Legends" and the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance games were great fun also.

And most people don't want to run around as Bruce Banner. They want high drama and to rage out as the Hulk.

I really don't want to take a break from saving lives and kicking a$$ to go home and babysit my significant other. I don't know about you guys, but I got annoyed when GTA Niko's girlfriend or buddies would call to hang out.

The games should be different from the comic books, IMO anyways

internalbit2832d ago

Microsoft marketing department in full swing, if only m$ spent this much effort into making new and unique games. IGN is a mask for the m$ marketing department and it fails.

Dsnyder2832d ago

2 reasons
1.Devs usually spend all their money on the movie ad the scrap money goes to the game so it turns out awful.

2.Comic fanboys are even bigger fanboys than gamer fans and since most professional reviews are probably comic fanboys they just rate them down if the game doesnt have the holy grail in the box.

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alphakennybody2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"fail to capture the key elements that give superheroes value" lol wha? umm infamous has by far most well developped superpower and story worth of its own.

gamingisnotacrime2832d ago

i dont get DC universe because of the monthly fee

wenaldy2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I feel its like more a response to DCU release... The timing!!!!!

tony67672832d ago

yea ign yea thats why u gave arkham asylum an 9.3 nice what a failure

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