The Xbox 360 Is Scarce Right Now, Due to 'Viral' Kinect Effect

Microsoft spokesman David Dennis told Kotaku that the "viral effect" of the Kinect launch is also to blame for Xbox 360 scarcity. "I think we saw a lot of viral secondary and tertiary sales from people who had seen Kinect in person," Dennis says, at a friend of family member's house, then decided it was time to "jump in."

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M-Easy2929d ago

Coming from Kotaku this means its more of M$'s viral marking dollars at work.

SiLeNt KNighT2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

im pretty sure they mean scarce in households. every store that has them that i go to is full of kinects, never have move tho. my friends that have little kids want a kinect but none of my friends my age have nor want it.

move will be great for shooters. cant wait to play KZ3 with it. kinect will be a year project they terminate when the next xbox comes out. same as they did with the og xbox. everyone buying a kinect now is a guinea pig for the next MS console. kinda the same as the psp go but sony will continue to support it after the psp2 comes out.

FailOverHero2929d ago

Let me see if I get this straight, the console sold 1.9 million in one month in the npd region, kinect bundles outsold move bundles by 5:1 and software by 13:1 and your arguement is that there are more Move controllers in people's houses than there are kinects. And that the stores are chockfull of x360 despite selling almost 2 million in a single month? Did I get that right? Thats your arguement? Hmm...interesting. Bubble up for outstanding logic /s *rolling eyes*

AAACE52929d ago

F'in nerds!

Wasn't "VIRAL" and "EPIC" and "FAIL" words that weren't supposed to be used as popular terms anymore?

Get with the times...

SiLeNt KNighT2929d ago

i know sales numbers, did i say move sold more? i said..."every store that has them that i go to is full of kinects, never have move tho.". roll your eyes all you want at facts. nobody i know but kids want it, and thats fact. my argument consisted much more than sales numbers, actually it had nothing to do with sales numbers, thats just what you created from it. MS did an excellent job marketing kinect but no matter how many consoles or games somebody sells the gross income is greatly affected by a large advertising push/marketing campaign. if i make a $50 profit from a product i sell 1 million of thats a lot of money!...but if i continuously spend millions on advertising that $50 profit goes to nothing.

ps the $50, and 1 million units werent necessarily made up numbers ;)

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lowcarb2929d ago

Kinect actually has games coming this year I want to use it for not add on stuff i already have a controller for. 360 is doing great which will hopefully lead to better games and more games. You don't have to be a shareholder to get the picture but a console is an investment which needs sales to survive. Personally I'm excited for Kinect games coming as well as traditional core experiences.

DualConsoleOwner2929d ago

sooooo. idk what they are talking about...

just to be fair. they said the same thing last year.

ComboBreaker2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Is Microsoft suggesting that we sell our gold for an Xbox instead?

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RedRedSuitSDF2929d ago

Says someone from the Sony site.

ChristianGamer2929d ago

Wow, so they were not lying about running out of x360's huh? Hope they can replace em fast enough

jack who2929d ago

why do ppl keep saying "look at xbox 360 line up in 2011 it fails hard"

we're only 2 week into 2011

Megaton2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Q4 2008 - Microsoft had next to nothing to announce for 2009. 2009 came and turned out to be one of the worst years ever for the 360 in terms of game releases.

Q4 2009 - Microsoft had a full plate of games announced for the 360 in 2010, and it turned out to be a great year for the console. Full of core exclusives and PC/360 "exclusives".

Q4 2010 - Looks a lot like Q4 2008. The only difference is the addition of Kinect, which will admittedly be their focus for 2011.

Past is prologue.

Aside from paying attention to history, you can also gauge this by basic knowledge of how the industry functions. PR typically requires a window of 6 - 18 months before launch to start getting the word out about upcoming games (not just ads, but trailers and such). Unless things are announced early this year, they likely won't be released until next year.

ps3360games2929d ago

sony is now starting on 2012

MS has sill not made a start on 2011

Ultraplayerxp2929d ago

It does fail hard.
MS has got two focuses right now. Do they go with Kinect? or with the 360 core gamers? I think MS has made their decision. 360 is going Wii.

ReBurn2929d ago

I think the answer to the question is that Microsoft wants their core gamer to be the kind of gamer that uses Kinect since that's where the focus is right now.

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