Achievements: Are You Really Doing Anything? (Player Affinity)

Player Affinity writes: "Can you remember what your first achievement was? Mine was the active reloads in the first Gears of War, now, here’s a better question; can you remember the last achievement you unlocked where you actually feel like you accomplished something?"

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TheGamerGeek2835d ago

While I understand where you're coming from, I disagree. I love achievements, even the mundane ones, they just keep me pushing through games like I never used to do.

And it's not just earning the achievements that makes me happy, it's the total gamerscore I have. It just feels nice to look at that and say "Yea, I did all that."

Also, First achievement: Clinched Playoffs in NBA Live 06. Old school, baby.

Last achievement that made me feel like I accomplished something: .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- . (Solve all of Subject 16's puzzles) in Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Bigpappy2835d ago

I agree. Even though I don't often play games to get the achievements, I do like to see them pop up as I play. For me it is more of a surprise when I get them, and that promps me to look and see what I got it for and what others are in my reach at this point. I also like to see my gamerscore increase even though I don't put any effort into climing the leader boards. I they weren't there, I would miss them.