8 Ways Microsoft's Kinect Can Cause You Bodily Harm

Game Podunk's Content Manager, DanCurtis writes, "I'm sure every one of us is guilty at some point of flinging themselves around the room in a fit of unsurpassed joy. Perhaps you've just passed your driving test, or done a particularly load burp. Whatever the reason, room flinging is commonplace amongst the human race. Then came Kinect, the one device destined to have anyone who has bought it flinging themselves around like a speeding bullet stuck in the backside of a bat out of hell. Injuries, therefore, are set to follow soon afterwards for those who fling themselves too much, and these are eight ways you could manage to hurt yourself playing Microsoft's Kinect..."

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Kran2860d ago

"Saying 'Close Tray' Over and Over Again Causes You

To Lose Your Voice/Results In You Only Be Able To Say 'Close Tray'

For the Rest of Your Life."

We say words like "and" "the" "why" quite alot. More than we'll ever say "close tray". I don't know about you, but I think I can say more words than just "and" "the" and "why".....

DualConsoleOwner2860d ago

its not only this site, but many others as well.. reviews say how voice thing only works half the times.(desctructoid, eurogamers and etc...)

StarScream4Ever2860d ago

Remember kids: do a physical stretch before any exercise. This include motion gaming.

awesomeperson2860d ago

By punching yourself in the guts after you realised you just supported Microsofts plan to focus on the casuals.

Kran2860d ago

Holy shizzz..

Is that real?

darthv722860d ago


Hope the trophy didnt get hurt.

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