GameInformer: The Sounds Of Skyrim

In a sprawling role-playing epic like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, good audio can make or break the experience. An out-of-place musical theme, a poor voice actor in a key role, or a goofy sound effect can ruin the immersion, pulling players out of the excitement of the game. At the same time, strong audio work can help a game soar, deepening every level of involvement in the world of the game. We talked with Mark Lampert, audio director and sound designer at Bethesda Game Studios, and the chief architect of the aural experience players will encounter in Skyrim. He revealed details on all the sound elements players will encounter in the game, and had some fascinating examples of his work to share.

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MysticStrummer2836d ago

Hopefully there will be a greater number of supporting voice talent. I got tired of hearing the same voices again and again. I know it has to be that way to a certain extent, but they could definitely improve on that aspect of Oblivion.

femshep2836d ago

they Prolly had more money now then when they did oblivion but voice actors are prolly not as high in the budget then everything else if they dont have a budget left nothing they can do......but like i said they prolly have tons more money than before so hopfully they can higher a lot

MAJ0R2836d ago

wow gameinformer is getting all these exclusives Skyrim videos on their site

the8BIT2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Right now I'm playing my 13th play through. oblivion was my second game this gen behind call of duty 2. After almost 5 years I'm still discovering something new in Cyrodiil. You guys might say it's look's awful in terms of graphics but at it's time it was one of the best looking games. SKYRIM is set 200 years after the event's of oblivion and is the first game in the fourth era the game could change dramatically but Bethesda is good at taking risks.

Hopefully next week mass effect 3 get's the cover