The Representation of Women In Gaming: Existing In a Man's Vision of Butt-Flossing Armour

Game Podunk's Content Manager, DanCurtis writes, "Now I'm a heterosexual male. I like women as much as the next guy, but sometimes when I see a female character in a videogame you just have to wonder how the presentation of said woman is actually allowed. Dressed often in outfits that consist of conveniently placed threads that just cover vital components, these women are often larger in life (and larger in breast size) then an atypical female one might find in reality. You may argue that as its a game this allows us to warp reality and change up things, but the fact is presenting women in this way is both degrading to females and also makes sure that the game alienates a wide amount of a potential female fanbase. See that's the thing - not all females like to play My Little Pony and other associated shovelware for the Wii. I've met a good amount of girls who like to play on things such as COD, Gears of War and other 'hardcore' titles and given that these titles are often full of women that are dressed with tooth-floss it is likely that a female will dislike the product because of the way the women characters are presented within. These games, sadly, try to overly sexualize women for the male gaze and by doing this they are automatically slapping a label on the game that basically says 'No females!'.

I recently talked to Kaye Elling, a lecturer in computer games and also a spokesperson for the website Women In Games in order to get her perspective on how women are presented in gaming..."

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ATi_Elite2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Women are a lot of times portrayed in video games wearing "revealing clothing" because in real life woman who are in great shape wear revealing clothing. Lingerie Football, Womans tennis, Womans Volley ball, Womans Softball, Cheerleaders, Strippers, Female American Gladiators, Lady Wrestlers, etc so the females wearing sexy outfits in video games IS ART IMITATING LIFE.

This all goes back to back in the day when woman warriors that participated in battle like this statue of a female warrior that is in a museum, as you will see it is Art imitating life just like all the female warriors of today who perform very well in tight close and butt floss.