Harmonix to pull Rock Band Network on Wii

GamerZines writes: "Wii gamers will be disappointed to discover that Harmonix on pulling Rock Band Network support for the Wii as of next week."

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Parapraxis2931d ago

Wow..that's pretty unfortunate for the people that do play RB on Wii.

Trroy2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Harsh. No Wii love.

Redempteur2931d ago

Well that was to be expected ...

The demande for RBN on wii is simply not there

MarioWarfare2931d ago

Beatles rock band sold more on wii than it did on 360 or ps3

Redempteur2931d ago

Beatles is nothing on the Rock band Network that is dedicated to bring more indies titles to the game . i dunno how indies music relate to the estimated target audiance Rock band Has on wii

danielle0072931d ago

That's a retail release. Rock Band Network is made of song downloads only. Wii gamers apparently aren't the type to unload $$ to download more songs.

Dsnyder2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Thats pretty irrelevant. Install base means nothing if the gamers are not loyal. Wii gamers are causal gamers who probably dont even know what DLC is and probably dont play online. That is the problem with Wii. Its install base is pretty uninformed and it is not loyal to its games. That is why you dont see people lining up at midnight to buy the newest game like you do with the Hardcore HD gamers (eg COD, Halo GTA etc). This is why the 3rd party stands no chance on the wii. The 90% casual audience probably doesnt even know it exists and the 10% hardcore retro fans just want the newest Zelda game. Nintendo may be able to sell the razors but it has a much harder time selling the blades and those blads are just flocking to the HD razors now because that is where the money is for them.

MarioWarfare2931d ago

I never cared for music games

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