Are these the most epically hilarious Grand Theft Auto IV videos ever? Could well be

GamesRadar: "Grand Theft Auto is the gift that keeps on giving. Nearly three years have passed since its release, and still it's hurling out the ludicrous LOLs like shells from a red hot M16 of comedy. The latest entrants into its ongoing barrage of motor-vehicular anarchy are these two videos, showing what happens when you adjust the PC version's physics settings to reduce car friction to -9. Essentially, all of Liberty City's cars start behaving like helium-filled pinballs on the moon."

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Serjikal_Strike2928d ago

looks like a scene out of INCEPTION

ilikestuff2928d ago

that was a good movie, these videos reminded me of gta3 when your could put in a code to give everyone weapons and then you could put in the riot code and itd be complete chaos. good times

Spitfire_Riggz2928d ago

I remember "Up the gore factor" LOL I was like 9 and didnt know what it meant next thing you know Im seeing what looks like kidneys on the ground

BBAM2928d ago

That was rediculously funny, the phone scene was the best

Led-Zeppelin2928d ago

GTA 4 is defiantly the best GTA for stunts and such.

RXL2928d ago

looks like the cars were breakdancing

*does the robot*

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The story is too old to be commented.