G4TV: LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

Few games can simultaneously promote a philosophy (i.e. the power of imagination and creativity) and live it out across every single pixel, but LittleBigPlanet 2 does it, and with an ease and skill that is just remarkable.

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FrankMcSpank2887d ago

Awesome, another perfect review!

RageAgainstTheMShine2887d ago

LBP 2 - I expect nothing less than ecxellence & perfection. ^_^

Boody-Bandit2887d ago

Too many games, so little time.
LBP was a blast and it looks like LBP2 is being taking to a whole other level, literally. Cant wait!

mugoldeneagle032887d ago

Can't wait to play this next week!

HelghastDrake2887d ago

Now lets see if Meta critic will post this review. the Meta score is now down to 92, i swear Metacritic leaves out certain review scores for some reason. LBP2 should atleast be at 94 meta

BrianG2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

They do leave out certain reviews, not really sure why. And it can't be source alone, because I've seen them post two reviews from the same site, with the same review, same score, just translated different.

But the scores don't matter, cause by now we know its going to be a quality game. The only review that matters is yours now when you buy the game and play it for yourself.

metsgaming2887d ago

I've noticed some popular sites not on there but they add sites that no one has ever even heard of. Thats why metacritic isnt a good site.

thor2887d ago

They weight the reviews in the average though. If a review has been left off the list, I would suggest e-mailing them so it can be added. I don't think they're biased, maybe just a little inept.

Acquiescence2887d ago

They don't include Destructoid in their database. BAM! Automatic win.

JohnnyMann4202887d ago

I agree with your statement because of Jim Sterling. He doesn't honestly rate games. If he gets crabby and is on his period he will give a game that deserves a 6 or 7 a 2 and so on.

He will probbaly rate LBP2 a 4 because Dominos delivered his fat-ass a pizza too late and he is hungry.

Hungry Jim Sterling = Unhappy.

JohnnyMann4202887d ago

I wrote the above not realizing that Fatty Sterling himself already reviewed it at 7.5

A 7.5 seems awfully low but a review is an opinion.

Still, Jim would have rated it a 9.5 if he had gotten his Pizza in time.

BeaArthur2887d ago

Dude give it a rest, Jesus. How far can you dig to try to come up with some sort of conspiracy. Oh no, it's down .0001 points now. Does the meta score effect your enjoyment of the game? Honestly, answer 1 question, why do you care? Why do you give half a sh!t about the meta score, it's a arbitrary median score based on the --> *OPINIONS* <--of X number of random journalists that may or may not have thought the game was worth a 9.25 instead of a 9.5. God you people are so tedious.

Omega Archetype2887d ago

Which is exactly why I don't care about Metacritic. is by far the best score aggregate site for video games.

Every score that is taken into account is because of certain parameters or requisites. Such as "site needs to have X number of reviews if they're mulitplatform, or X number if they're only one system" etc. Not to mention it goes into even more depth with the sites, such as what the average of reviews for that site is and how many.

Just a much better site IMO.

P_Bomb2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

They stopped including G4TV scores a couple years ago I think.

Some of their inclusions are just plain weird. Wtf is IncGamers?! Meta' has their 85/100 up but still haven't posted the 10/10 from the Official Playstation Magazine UK from December which was actually the 1st review anywhere, lol. They always post OPM scores, don't know why they're holding out on this one. They had no problem posting the shitty OPM Australia score which knocked Demon's Souls from 90 to 89.

Get on the ball meta'.

InTheLab2886d ago

G4 does not allow it's score to be posted on Metacritic.

All of those 60's they assigned most Xplay reviews that were 3 out of 5 pissed off Adam Sessler enough to nerd rage on Metacritic at a public event.

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Kran2887d ago

Ouch for if this review is approvaled under the xbox 360 tag. CHANGE IT!!!

zerox5052887d ago

ok ok i see that all the lbp2 reviews are in, and it's confirmed that this game is liable for goty. i'm just wondering when will that killzone 3 review come in, i remember hearing OPM will release their review this month

Noami2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

@Kran prob the person did it on purpose to confuse give xbox360 owners false hope....that's kinda cruel

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