What the Trophy Hack means for Sony and Gamers?

Gamersmint writes: Let's take a look at the implications that Sony faces as a result of this and how they can go about doing damage-control.

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Karooo2832d ago

Nothing much ban the hackers

psb2832d ago

that bothered because I never really cared about Trophies, just give me a good game and I'll buy it nonetheless.

SillySundae2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Will people who have hacked PS3 with this exploit,
... still be able to share this in PSN ???

Because I think that's the ONLY reason someone immature will do this (i.e. bragging rights)

Otherwise, what's the point?
It will be like bragging to yourself.


Nitrowolf22832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

no when they sync up it displays 0% when other users look at your trophies.
It still displays 100% on the user end, but not on the server end.

fail0verflow2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

this hack assign random dates right?

so can it possibly give earlier date to trophy like "finish chapter 7" than "finish chapter 2" ? if so Sony can detect this.

I don't know if this hack is so sophisticated it gives correct dates, so it doesn't look shady.

dc12832d ago

Logging onto PSN would reveal the exploit to Sony..(I'm sure Sony would follow suit with the appropriate ban)

I doubt that this will have any impacted at all. In addition, none of my folks are using the exploit.

rroded2832d ago

nto that i care about trophies but as things stand hackers now rule psn :(
much like live our chances of finding a good no hakers game online are almost nil
n much like hacked 360's i suspect hackers will b able to get around bans n all :(
still good news for the ol homebrew seen n since we have 2 ps3's i think my ol 60 is ripe for it XD also playing our games off the hd will save on that ol b/r laser
still i wish the online hadnt had to take this hit sucks large bad nough b4 this with the glitchers n the lag switchers damn hackers kill games dead.

BrianC62342832d ago

I like trophies because it gives you more to do in games but other than that I don't care. I don't look at my score all the time to see if it's getting higher. I would never use a hack to get trophies, that's for sure.

FrankMcSpank2832d ago

I tell you this, I know all my PSN friends. Some personally, some I have been gaming online with since 2008. I have about 1300 well earned trophies. If I meet anyone who has a large amount that the timestamps aren't added up to, or people who have newer accounts with thousands of trophies, then I am going to report them. If any of my PSN pull some crap like this, they are deleted as well. I won't have any part in cheating or hurting the integrity of Playstation. Never have, never will. Do not let me find out you have don't that. You'll be done.

2832d ago
captain-obvious2832d ago

why everyone makes a big deal of this
you could do this on the xbox and PC long time ago

SephireX2832d ago

Gain trophies with offline hacked console and then switch profile to online console. Simple as that. Sony can do nothing unless they only allow trophies to be earned while online which is nonsense since people who've no access to broadband wouldn't be able to earn trophies. They could put checks on the discs but they can be edited out on a computer. So yeah, its real. Its damn real!

dragon822832d ago

Trophies earned while offline are only on your hard drive. They don't go on your actual profile until you sync them with the server. Earning them offline and then switching over to a different PS3 will not work because they will not show up on the second PS3 unless you synced them on the first PS3. Since you wouldn't want to sync the hacked PS3 in fear of being caught the only person who would ever see those trophies that you just cheated for would be yourself. Seems like a pathetic waste of time to me.

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DOMination2832d ago

People have been doing this on the 360 for years. Sony update their firmware more often than MS and I'd expect them to do something about it on the next update.

gameseveryday2832d ago

All I can hope is that Sony can teach such people a lesson.

But one thing is for sure, 2011 has started pretty roughly for the Japanese giant.

Serjikal_Strike2832d ago

Fuck the hackers...
I'll complete and earn my trophies the gamer way!

cyborg2832d ago

now that's how you do it baby!

Seriously, we must all stand up in arms against this and then this will die out eventualy and sony can also fix it quicker.

Christopher2832d ago

I'm with this.

I can see the issue from Sony's side of this as they started adding Trophy-based quests to the Rewards Program.

I'll be fine regardless of what hackers do to their trophies.

BrianC62342832d ago

Anyone who cheats on trophies is a loser. I just hope Sony has an easy way to see people doing this. Send a bomb to their PS3 and cause it to die.

mushroomwig2832d ago

It's easy to detect, every trophy has a time stamp of when it was earned, just check the stats of the player in question and you'll know instantly if it's legit or of it's been tampered with.

GodsHand2832d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

How can someone have collect every trophy in less then a minute?

UNCyrus2832d ago

Read the article... they are claiming that it generates a random timestamp

FrankMcSpank2832d ago

The Time Stamp can say what ever it wants. There are two timestamps. One for the trophy and one for the sync. If entire games sync up at once, then they are clearly showing that the trophies were hacked. The software would have to know when each trophy would be able to be earned. You can't timestamp the Hard Complete trophy before the Beat First Level trophy. They will slip up.

duplissi2832d ago


what if the person in question platinum'd a game completely offline and didnt log in to psn until completion... then all the trophies for that game would sync at the same time.

unlikely but still possible.

Nitrowolf22832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The article says that it can generate different time stamp. What all these articles fail to tell you is that you can't sync them to the server. It displays 100% only on your console, but once you sync up to the server, your System still displays 100% but when someone compares the trophies they are marked up as 0% or what ever % you were at before the hack.

So this guy who sync and said he had 100% on the game, the server still only displays 70%, this is prob. because the system when trying to sync to the server knows for sure that you did not unlock these saves and also that they are not actually your trophies, since this hack requires another user trophy dat. So it's like when you swap gamesave from gamefaqs the system will say this is another user. It's like that but you don't get the error saying that, only the server knows.

yup, i've been roaming a few forums the past days to check out homebrew apps and multiple user are saying that these do not sync up at all. My guess like i said the server knows it's not your trophies, since it's just swapping other user trophy data, it's never is really tied to your account, it's more of a trick to the user making them think they got 100%.

mushroomwig2832d ago


So in reality, this is a pointless hack..just like the hack to have a custom avatar picture that only you can see.

What a joke. xD

Christopher2832d ago


So, it's the GreaseMonkey of hacks?

I don't know if that's true, but if it is, that's kind of pointless but funny.

P_Bomb2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

It's like when you play the PS Plus 1 hour trials, eg Borderlands. Trophies pop for you along with the whole % breakdown tab in your trophy list, but they don't go to your profile. Friends checking your account see no listing that you even have that game. Which is good. My 2% Borderlands from the demo is an eyesore on my list. Wish I could delete it, lol.

olLANDSHARKlo2832d ago

But I didn't read the article, I just read the headline and I just know they were downing my precious sony, I'm a sony fanboy and I just can't take it anymore, the 360 is just so dominant in everything. Sarcasm.

Loner2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You can do this on 360 and MS can detect it so Sony probably can as well

@ Below
I only give that out to friends
Not random people from N4G Sorry

olLANDSHARKlo2832d ago

What's your xbox gamertag Loner?

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