First exclusive video C&C 3

The first exclusive video of C&C 3 for the PC/360! Another game with multiplayer that could go strong on Live anywhere.

After LOTR, BMFE II on the 360, developpers seem to have found the way with the magnificent controls on a console that work on this genre.

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soccerstar5379d ago

it hasnt been confirmed for the 360

TheMART5379d ago

Oh yes it is:

"Louis Castle, the co founder of Westwood saying, “[…] and I know for a fact that they [the developers of Battle For Middle Earth 2 on 360] are doing this because these are the same guys, the same team, who's doing Command & Conquer 3 and they're definitely going to release it for the 360, you heard it here. And so what they are doing is they are really using Battle for Middle-earth II to sort of use it as a spring board to test, to see, how it is going to work for Command & Conquer 3, so they are trying to almost use this BFMEII as a beta; a very good beta.”

specialguest5379d ago

when it comes to RTS, i'll stick to the PC verison.

TheMART5379d ago

Try LOTR, BFME II, the first time controls for console works on this genre!

SEER5379d ago

How were the controls suited in LOTR BFME 2? The console controls were awkward and a tiresome. Trust you to say anything good about any 360 game.

Trickedbullet5379d ago

I LOVE C&C. I didnt care for LOTR BFME 2 as it sucked soooooo very badly. Bad graphics, and a weird controls, not bad, but weird. C&C would have to be totally awsome in every way on the 360 to be worth buying.

TheMART5378d ago

It can be weird, BUT it's the first time the controls actually 'worked' on this kind of game for sure.

I think it's all about getting used to them and then they play just fine