Gaming Pet Peeve #13: Cheap Tactics

Justin Carter from RipTen: 11.
That’s the number of times I and my squad mates died during the derelict Collector vessel mission in Mass Effect 2. After discovering that we were lured in to a trap and Collector forces descended on us, Samara and Miranda quickly went down at the hands of two Collector Drones, a Scion, and Harbinger.

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CrzyFooL2930d ago

Why NPCs gotta be so OP!?

fatalred alarm2930d ago

The derelict vessel on mass effect 2 is proably the hardest part in the game to. Even after 7-8 playthroughs, i keep getting stuck there running out of ammo at the 3rd wave with my teammates hopeless on the ground like fish on the dry.

CameronL992930d ago

Maybe this guy just sucks at games? lol I mean c'mon, a radar so people don't sneak up on you? Isn't that what n00bs use in Metal Gear Solid because they never have the where-with-all to do something like look behind them and check to see if they're being followed? You know, like in every other shooter you're supposed to be mindful of ALL sides, not just front left and right.

CrzyFooL2930d ago

right? I didn't find ANY part of Mass Effect 2 to be hard.

CameronL992930d ago

You don't even need to play Mass Effect 2 to know that using radars to ensure noone sneaks up on you is a tool for n00bs. Nuff said.

fatalred alarm2930d ago

I didn't notice a radar missing anyway, it's not like those enemies in mass effect 2 "sneak up" on you.


And this is the reason why Mass Effect 1 was dumbed down for the second installment, let me guess you had trouble with all the different armour types and variations of different guns in Mass Effect didnt you? did the numbers wrack your brain a little to much?

Seriously, when the scions appear, retreat back away from them and use a sniper, anything else is easy pickings and I can almost garundamntee you dont use different ammo types, try that.

Its not designed to screw you over, its meant to get you to THINK and use that great big grapefuit inside your noggin called a BRAIN.

I preferred the days when games offered a challenge and you had to think about what you were doing before you did it.

old School Ranbow Six anyone?

fatalred alarm2929d ago

not sure if lockdown is considerd old school already,


Id consider anything before the vegas series old school, the vegas series were just plain awful.