Top 5 Games for Android (GoozerNation)

Gaming on Android phones has been gaining steam as of late. Most of the more popular games on the iOS (iPhone/iPad/iTouch) have been ported over for Android users to enjoy. This is great for those of us that couldn't play a lot of the excellent games that were released on the iOS platform.

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plb2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Gaming on mobiles is only good for killing time e.g. angry birds and such. Could not imagine playing a long full on game on a phone.

JimmyJames702835d ago

I think all of that kind of thinking is slowly changing...

plb2835d ago

I dunno. I dislike playing games on touchscreen. Like I said, for games such as angry birds it's fine but I've tried other games such as fifa, metal gear, zenonia, etc and the controls just aren't great and could not imagine playing for an extended period as you could on say a psp or ds with hw controls.

daghost11252835d ago

but but but mobile gaming is the future. I just love how apple actually tries to go after sony and nintendo trying to say there phone is the best gaming platform. yea ok hello 3ds and psp2....

creeping judas2835d ago

I'm new to the mobile gaming aspect. Recently purchased a Galaxy S, and DL'd Angry Birds, and I am hooked. Though I cant see very many games being incredibly exciting? and as for the controls, that will be weird also.

MrRaveDave2835d ago

Android is a pretty good mobile OS, the only problem being the fragmentation of devices and versions of Android they run. With such an array of different devices/capabilities and OS versions I imagine that its going to get pretty difficult to develop for and push it to the max without people running it on a lower end device and bitching about the performance.

joeorc2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

"the only problem being the fragmentation of devices and versions of Android they run."

that's why many developer's target 2.0 or higher for their Android App.

trust me I know..the fragmentation is not even a problem just because their phone or tablet runs say 1.6 or another runs 2.0 does not mean much is their phone added some thing's that only that phone Has..the core Android OS application is still there able to run pretty much any Android OS application yes depending on what Stack api you may take advantage of certain functions phones may not have that , but the device when you look at the App. will in most cases tell you what your stock android ver. is required. that's nothing we have not seen before. with Windows OS ver.

certain ver's of windows would be required to run an many phones are able to run the new updated Android ver. because many devices being made today have the requirement's to do so.

Some may be slower to update their phones Android ver. but many get Updated many times it take the companies time to do so. And you just have to wait for the Update.

rugis2835d ago

All of you with an iPhone or any Android powered phone need to look into an RPG called Zenonia. Great game, that I myself spent 30+ hours playing. I bought it for $2.99 on sale, usually it's around $6.00 or $7.00. They recently released a second, which I have yet to play. Anyways, this game is worth the money, and not just that, but you will get a lot of playtime out of this game, as there are different endings. I've only beaten it once, and most likely will start a new character once school starts back up again. Anyways, just thought I'd mention the game.

joeorc2835d ago


Zenonia s is awsome

it is by far one hell of a rpg's one if not my fav. on Android. though i do love Angry Birds..hehe

George Sears2835d ago

Plants vs Zombies is pretty great as well.

dirthurts2835d ago

PvZ isn't on android yet is it???

George Sears2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Not sure I don't have an Android phone. I know that it's been for the iPhone for quite some time now. Well worth it.

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