THQ's Bilson: Metro 2033 'wasn't properly nurtured,' sequel to address issues

Joystiq:Last March, Metro 2033 snuck up on our reviewer radar and went on to earn respectable Metacritic scores of 77 on Xbox 360 and 81 on PC among critics at large. Though THQ CEO Brian Farrell characterized the title as "very profitable" for the publisher, it wasn't exactly burning up the sales charts. Speaking with the company's VP of Core Games, Danny Bilson, this week, we asked about Metro 2033 falling short of its potential.

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NYC_Gamer2835d ago

metro 2033 was alright in my opinion.

cakeisalie2835d ago

Metro 2033 was a sleeper hit of the year. Last steam discount it was on sale for 5usd.

Excalibur2835d ago

I quite enjoyed Metro 2033 and never understood all the hate.

Close_Second2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I found it dull. Visuals were solid but why have all the cool lighting effects and no main player shadow. Felt like you were floating everywhere.

Gameplay was as generic as they come.

Oh yes, having to download a 7GB patch as soon as the game was installed was just plain ridiculous.

Blaze9292835d ago

i enjoyed everything but the ending to that game. BOY did that thing get ultra weird toward the end. Didn't know wtf just happened.

pr0digyZA2835d ago

There were multiple endings depending on what you did in the game. And there were hints at what was to come, if you looked at certain parts of the environments.

showtimefolks2835d ago

because from the reviews it said ammo was on the light sides and i am a trigger happy gamer i should give it a try for my xbox360

but i might as well just Waite for the sequel i think the sequel will be on ps3 THQ have already confirmed that

how is the ammo situation in the game

pr0digyZA2834d ago

I think ammo is only an issue if your on the hardest difficulty. I played the game on medium and never worried about ammo. Just think if you look around the environment you will find lots especially on enemies you've killed. I never came into a situation where I had 10 bullets and ten monsters, normally you have a few guns and my main weapon had minimum of 150 bullets.

TheDivine2834d ago

Yea i loved it myself, played the 360 version. Dont know why it doesnt get more praise, great graphics, solid gameplay, and an interesting story. Im glad so many pc games come to 360 like this, risen, divinity 2 exc, many great games i wouldne able to play.

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hoops2835d ago

Optimize the game better for the PC.
Graphic wise no game touched it in just needed a horse PC to run it.

XANDEO2835d ago

You can get this game (metro 2033) for as little as £10 now, id recomened anyone who likes getting immersed in there games to give it a shot, cant wait for metro 2034 should be epic.

Xfanboy2835d ago

Hopefully the next one will be optimized better!

Kurt Russell2835d ago

I played this only on the xbox. It wasn't a bad game all in all, and could have been amazing. The story and art style were fantastic but I found the gameplay plagued by bugs that most companies ironed out in the 90's. The stealth system for example was terribly dated. I'll certainly keep an eye out for future releases though.

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