SOE hint at Everquest 3 for PlayStation 3

M2G Writes:

Sony Online Entertainment has hinted that the next version of Everquest may make an appearance on PlayStation 3.

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Pedantic914339d ago

Easy there Sony, lets see how well DCUO fares first.

AceofStaves4339d ago

Agreed. I'm interested in seeing how DCUO fares on the PS3 - kind of a 'test case' for console MMOs, I guess.

elbeasto864339d ago

Do they really need to take it easy? Everquest is an established franchise. This could be a good way to get more MMO players on the PS3.

koehler834339d ago

Final Fantasy XI has been 'testing' MMOs on consoles for 8 years.

hay4339d ago

I've been waiting for this 3 years now... Yes please!

DirtyLary4339d ago

Isn't EQ online ps2 still running with a $14.99 fee?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

DC Universe Online
Final Fantasy XIV Online
And now probably Everquest Online for PS3.

And doubters saying PS3 is better for Single Player games O_O

ThatCanadianGuy4339d ago

Why sir, i'd say it's the MMO console king.

Persistantthug4339d ago


EA not only loves consoles, but EA seems to favor the PS3.
Bioware doesn't, but EA is the new sheriff in town and pretty much calls the shots for them now. Good, because businesswise, Bioware isn't all that bright, which is why EA owns them now.

Hopefully though, we get that mouth watering announcement from NC SOFT.....


wotta4339d ago

I would love this. Everquest is awesome.

Trroy4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

I would start playing MMOs again if this happens.

EverQuest was... epic. WoW was fun for a while afterwards, but it just never had the same spark of awesomeness.

Darkfiber4339d ago

I don't think I would ever play an MMO on console. I just don't "get it" I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.