8 Modern Video Game Faults That You Never Cared About

GB: "It’s a well known fact that in life not all things are perfect. The same goes for video games as well. Through this article we take a look at eight ‘awesome’ faults that for some odd reason should not have existed if you think about them practically and compare them with real life situations. Also note that these faults do not mean that game is bad, all the games listed below are AAA experiences for their fans. You can say that this is a rather humorous look at some situations which should not have existed in the game.
As usual the listing is random and not ranked. Also you will find some crazy depictions of these faults via a comic and I know I am not a pro at them so bear with it!
NOTE: Please read the article before you jump on the images."

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cyborg2887d ago

one, makes no sense whatsoever.

gameseveryday2887d ago

Heavy rain: the accident of Jason did not made any sense.

Trizard2887d ago

Honestly, it should have been ethan who was injured not jason.

Karooo2887d ago

Funny article well done.

halocursed2887d ago

Solid Snake's ability to overcome insane physical obstacles was his best quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.