Sony's options limited in face of PS3 jailbreak

ARS: The PlayStation 3 is a compromised system. Its master key is all over the Internet, custom firmware allowing third-party software to run on the hardware is a click away, and Sony is furiously trying to stop this information from spreading. The company asked the courts for a temporary restraining order keeping those responsible from any further sharing of the keys or information about cracking the PS3, and is suing for damages

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testerg352930d ago

That was actually an interesting read.

MNicholas2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Here's the key point:

"Sony won't be able to stop people from running pirated game copies as long as the machines are not hooked up online."

All that's required is a few lines of code on every retail disc that performs an online "check-in" to unlock the game. Every publisher and developer will want to have that code on their discs because they, far more than Sony, have the most to loose from piracy.

As for the legal issues, the fact is that Geohot published a private key that Geohot knew, that if it became public information, would damage business, not just for Sony, but for all publishers and developers of hit games. It's like someone taking your social security number and publishing that with your address and date of birth online.

That's going to damage your credit which, in turn, gives you the right to get damages from the person who willfully and knowingly distributed your private information.

LunaticBrandon2930d ago

Yeah because stuff like that solved PC piracy.

Ducky2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Publishers are more worried about used-game sales than piracy.

Most games are multiplat, and anyone who wants to pirate it will just do it on a PC. Only exclusives might suffer, but there's enough of a dedicated fanbase to support those titles.

norman292930d ago

'All that's required is a few lines of code on every retail disc that performs an online "check-in" to unlock the game'

Its a nice idea but not everyone has there PS3 on the net

Jack Meahoffer2930d ago

Great article.

This gets to the root of the whole topic. The only thing that should really matter is what can Sony do to mitigate the piracy problem.

Even if Geohot gets torn up in court it does NOTHING to stop the root problem here. Everyone that is crying and screaming for Geohots head just don't get it. All they want is revenge for their fruity "team".

DualConsoleOwner2930d ago

with bans and bricks.

this is silly article.

mastiffchild2930d ago

@jack meahoffer-if someone wants geohot to pay they don't need to feel that way because of Sony. I'd like anyone involved in piracy at any point on any device to face court. It's not about revenge but about him facilitating something I feel is morally wrong and if he loses badly in court it might stop the next guy from hacking WHICHEVER system it is.

@fatoldman-yeah, publishers might nake out ruight now that used sales are a bigger deal but that's both misleading and evidence of them being shortsighted. I don't mind used sales as it shows that people ARE wiling to buy legally andf in the main buy used cos they're skint or because they are kids. Used sales keep these guys in touch with gaming and if they're anythiung like me means that whenever they become a buyer with spending power they'll be buying new games. Stop used sales and you force them into piracy or away from the hobby altogether. This also says nothing about the fact EVERY other industry has used sales and puts up with it as fair enough-just make a better game if you want used sales to go down.

Also they thing THEY can do more about stopping used sales because it's within the law and they can use online keys and other incentives to makke you keep games or stop byying used or get something FROPM used sales. They think piracy is beyond them so concentrate on picking on used sales and I thuink that movce may backfire.

If they start seeing hackers sued successfully, though, they might start doing more about piracy and leave the relatively innocent and more industry beneficial used market. I don't mind people seeling on a CD I performed on(should have made a better record) but DO hate someone downloading them illegally and for nowt. Strealing that way means we make nothing at any point bwhereas with used we at least got the original sale. Piracy hurts more than used sales per incident and if they could stop it they'd make more noise about it.

Jack Meahoffer2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )


Let's say Geohot gets the death penalty and the Failoverflow people too.

Does piracy on PS3 stop?

I'm more interested in Sony's technical response.

ravinash2929d ago

Its nothing to do with revenge and more to do with make an example of him so other think twice about hacking and pirating.

rockleex2929d ago

Someone gets raped, whats the point of sending him to court and jail when the act's already been committed and there's no going back?

Lame excuse everyone has for defending the pirates.

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testerg352930d ago

You're assuming that people will buy games that require internet connection. Sony can get a lot if pissed of customers who buy SP games and then find out that it requires internet connection.

mastiffchild2930d ago

Not really. Sony could front load new game discs with the newer firmware on disc. Then you couldn't play the games without installing from the disc post jailbroken firmware. No internet needed, is there? I often have new firmwares on PSP UMDs don't I?

testerg352930d ago

With the key, does it matter what firmware is installed?

Kon2930d ago

How many articles about hackers we're going to see?

Mikelarry2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

loads and you best get ready for another 10 or so tomorrow.

Blaze9292930d ago

it's January, no games are out, nothing is happening in this industry, this is the only thing major to report on. So expect to see tons more even after the lawsuit is done.

nycredude2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )


No games?

ME2, LBP 2, Deadspace 2

These aren't games?

Maybe there is no games for you but I'll be busy. Sometimes I wonder if you guys even play games...

Blaze9292930d ago

hmmm, let see here:

"it's January, no games are out,"

ARE...OUT....ARE...OUT? ARE OUT? ARE....OUT...coming out? no no no, ARE OUT.

Mass Effect 2 out? Sure, if you played it a year ago. PS3 verison out yet? No

LBP 2 out yet? No

Dead Space 2 out yet? No

Those games are out?

Maybe those games are out for you but I'm still waiting a few days when they actually ship out to retailers. Sometimes I wonder if you guys can even read anymore.

divideby02930d ago

" no games out ".... I cant believe I am reading that...

I think he means no games out which he can play.
last week DCU, this week LBP2 (author must live under a rock not to see the scores for this game)

fail0verflow2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

yes, there will be plenty

- don't read
- get over it
- or rage more :)

news are news, but all those wannabe gaming websites doint their opinion pieces, is just ridiculous,

yea downvote even more, nobody cares about stupid littel website owner's opinion, I GOT MY OWN OPINION, I don't need to know yours. Your opinion doesn't effect nor chenge mine so do something more constructive.

NateCole2930d ago

The thing is getting alot of attention because of the court case and the fact that the Sony managed to keep it hack free for this long. Most other devices are hacked even before they are officially released.

Hellsvacancy2930d ago

I wondered why my electric toothbrush was playin up, ill keep what you said in mind

IcarusOne2930d ago

lol @ hellsvacancy

off topic: I can't help but wonder... if this was a hack against MS, all of you would be cheering the hackers and chanting "down with M$!" Or something worse.

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trainsinrdr2930d ago

the only way to get rid of a problem is to kill it

KaiokenKid2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Should i really care is the question. As long as this dosent effect my gaming, why should I personaly care?

Mikelarry2930d ago

you should because if it affects gaming as a whole all of us gamers suffer. developers take their business to other consoles because they don't want their hard work wasted only to see little or no profit.

fail0verflow2930d ago

yea, like they get no profit on Wii and 360, please

Man In Black2930d ago

360 has been hacked for years, games are still made for it.

KaiokenKid2930d ago

Wii and 360 have been hacked for a few years now, Devs still make games for them because they make more actual sales then they have their games pirated.

ASSASSYN 36o2930d ago

Yes the 360 and wii have been hacked. But not to the capacity the ps3 has been. Their master key which grants unrestricted access to the console has ONLY been exposed for the ps3. Translation for you slow kids. It is More hacked than the wii or the 360.

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jukins2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

the reason you should care is usually the gamer has to suffer. we had otheros capabilities we could all play all the emulators roms we wanted. hackers found a way to play backups through linux guess what sony did? they took other os away. really the only thing i can think sony can do besides banning consoles is to somehow disable usb ports to transfer data and only allow charging i dont know either way in the end whatever happens the legit ppl suffer the most.

i was one of those ppl who said digital distribution was ways ways off i think with things like this happening along with the battle of publishers/devs vs used games im thinking cloud gaming or dd is gonna come sooner than we think

silvacrest2930d ago

your comment would have far more merit if it wasn't for the fact that ALL OTHER CONSOLES have been hacked for years, as well as handhelds

truth is, hacking the PS3 this late in its life cycle is a blessing...well not quite but it could have been far worse

everything gets hacked eventually, sony should be great full it took hackers this long

NateCole2930d ago

Always like Ars. They generally know what they are talking about.

loslonelyman2930d ago

Me too,they are like the Consumer Reports of gaming and tech. Very professional,no fanboy stuff.

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