Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles Outsold Move Bundles By 5:1

If you want to look at the recent holiday season as "Round 1" of the motion controls battle between Microsoft and Sony, it would appear that Microsoft's Kinect is winning handily (bad pun, considering that it's "hands free" gaming). Not only has Kinect quickly shipped 8 million units, but for the month of December, Xbox 360 Kinect bundles outsold PS3 Move bundles considerably. The software for the motion camera is faring far better too, according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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NYC_Gamer2929d ago

well,its not hard to believe since kinect is promoted heavy

Death24942929d ago

Micheal Pachter. He is the same guy who said xbox360 was going to outsell the ps3 in December by 2-1. It looks like he was off by over half a million units.

donniebaseball2929d ago

Pachter has access to actual NPD data that they don't give to media. So it's not just Pachter's wacky estimate as far as I can tell.

zootang2929d ago

In the USA!

The title sounds like it could mean the world.

Retro_Zombie2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Now lets see them maintain this momentum. After people play around with it and test it out and see what it's all about you'll see the enthusiasm for Kinect start to die off.

The all only thing keeping it on radar at this moment is the hacks, PC port and adding a controller to the controller nonsense.

Chug2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

So Kinect did exactly what MS wanted it to do....SELL!! Now, let's see if it can do what gamers want it to do...bring GOOD games.

Fanboys can scream from the tops of mountains all they want about how successful kinect is, but they couldn't tell me with a straight face that theres ANY good games for it.

darthv722929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

So far it looks like both should get some well due support. How that support is executed is anyones guess.

I just hope move gets more than patched controls for traditional type games and kinect gets jiggy with stuff other than dance ones.

edit: @dark

The talk of WW numbers should be viewed with a grain of salt. It only shows that the combined totals of everywhere else is needed to take on the NA market.

We are half way through this gen and the gap is only half closed.

Anon19742929d ago

Yeah, I just assumed this was the US as well as the NPD numbers are the only figures that are currently available. But what have we seen, time and time again when it comes to US vs the World?

The 360 outsells the PS3 in the US. Japan makes up that difference for Sony putting them on equal footing. Europe makes up the rest - and time and time again that puts the PS3 firmly ahead.

The official reports are just a couple of weeks away. We'll know soon enough, but I suspect this year will be no different than the last 4. The PS3 will be ahead again, narrowing the 360's once 8 million lead to practically nothing.

BloodyNapkin2929d ago

Key word here is "Bundles". Most everyone i know already owned the playstation eye so they only bought move and a game, or just rented a game like i did. I could really care less about sales anyways. As long as i get great games for move i could care less if Kinect sold 100 mill.

Dragon_Hiko2929d ago

Sales normally equal support, but I'm not so sure in Kinects case, I mean they will get shovel ware, thats not disputable. They will get tons and tons of absolute crap, but quality games...? Eh...maybe...
Lets look at Nintendo shall we, the closest model to compare to Microsoft's current strategy. Everyone knows The wii is a console full of shovel ware because it's primarily aimed at kids, and for like 90 percent of it's very good quality titles (especially in it's first few years) they were all done by who? Oh thats right, Nintendo. So how many first party studios does Microsoft have to supply those top notch quality titles to kinect? And do they also have enough first party devs to make quality non kinect games for the 360 enthusiasts who don't want kinect, as well as supply quality tittles for kinect at the same time? The short answer is no, no they do not.

And you cannot expect third parties to just start making tons of super amazing quality software for kinect anymore than was done on the wii, it's just not going to happen; sure a few here and there, but that will be it.

RSPproductionz2929d ago

in the US? or worldwide, if its us than the title is misleading

cryymoar2929d ago

Lets see it deliver some quality titles now.
I think gaming reviews need to be split up into two different types: Core and Casual.

It's gona be a bitch properly reviewing casual games up against core and vice versa. That way Kinect games can be measured up against Wii games, and PS Move games will be in a league of their own.

The one thing that makes or breaks PS Move from Kinect (which converts into smooth core gameplay experience) is the FPS of the camera. Sony has demonstrated that it can do pretty much everything the Kinect can do in terms of gesture controls, headtracking, and facial recognition, all except true 3D tracking. But the FPS makes all the difference.

darthv722929d ago

I guess we have sony to thank for the low quality control position when it comes to releasing games. By that you need to look at both the PS1 and PS2 library to understand that there were ALSO many titles that could be deemed shovelware.

Nintendo lowered their expectations to be more like sony. They wanted a big game library like them and to do that, compromises needed to be made. MS could do the same but dont you think it is to early to say that?

MS might adopt the same strategy OR they could implement some type of quality control to cut down on the really REALLY shovelware type of games. Lets watch and see. It wasnt right out of the gate that the Wii was like that. There may be games that dont appeal to you but they appeal to someone. Other games should just flat out appeal to the trash bin (if it doesnt throw it back out).

I can respect sony of this gen as they remind me of the sega of the genesis/snes gen. More stern on the quality of the games that come out...not the quantity. If MS wants to be more like sony than nintendo (which is always the direct comparison) then they too will impose strict policies in the use for kinect.

If the game cant use kinect for its strengths then it wont use kinect at all. Or at best, use both kinect and a traditional controller. That is just speculation for now.

Dragon_Hiko2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Interesting bringing the ps1 and 2 into it, considering, especially the ps2, has the greatest game lineup in history; including many many great third party games. And I don't think anyone would ever deny that there was shovelware on those consoles, but don't act like they were the first consoles to have shit games on them. I hated a lot of games I played back on my sega...they just sucked.
And to another point, I never said they shouldn't exist, just that they do exist and there will be a very large amount on kinect. I know that there are a group of people for every bad game ever released that like that specific game a lot. Same with movies, I'm one who thinks bad movies should be continued to be made, because somewhere out there someone likes them. I'm just not going to play, and or watch it personally.

And yes I suppose that microsoft could impose some guidelines for games on their system but...based on the lineup of games already announced, and based on the fact that they are going for the casual kid market where they buy based what looks good on the cover of a game as apposed to looking up actual information about the product, I just don't see that happening. That is just speculation for now.

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xAlmostPro2929d ago

the difference between the two.. $500million on marketing, and kinect still has zero hardcore games, sadly

Ryudo2929d ago

Why the PS3 has a fighting game that doesn't work and older games everyone has already played patched with Move support aren't you proud.

zootang2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The fight works perfectly

1:1 tracking

I hate when people talk about games they have never played or even seen for this matter.

BloodyNapkin2929d ago

It's funny i have no problem while playing fight lights out, i have yet to have a single problem with move during any game really.


Stop trying to twist the facts..... Move got is ass kicked case closed.

RBlaze2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


I was wondering when some genius would come and use that. I mean... We all know Sony didn't spend ANYTHING on marketing Move don't we... /s.

Oh wait, take a look at this article:
According to the report, in 2009, Sony spent 130 million dollars on a Christmas campaign for the PS3 for Europe alone (TV). You think they spent nothing on Move considering it's potential for earnings?!

DO NOT BE NAIVE! ALL companies will have spent a lot on advertising their products.

I say again, approximately 130 million Dollars on TV adverts. 500 million IS NOT A LARGE AMOUNT for huge companies! As I quoted before, Nike spent more than 2 billion on advertising in 2004!

EDIT: Jeeeeez

gta28002929d ago


You're an idiot. Sadly I listened to the reviews of the Fight and didn't buy ti because of that and then I saw a video on youtube that proved the reviews wrong. I went out and bought the game and was pissed at what those inaccurate reviews said cause I play that game all the time and it works really well.

xAlmostPro2929d ago

im not twisting facts..

im stating facts yes microsoft/kinect is outselling ps move.. but like i said $500 marketing is alot more than what sony marketed move with.. im just saying thats most likely the reason for kinect doing so well..

i mean if sony gave $5500 mil to marketing move and microsoft used sonys amount it would be vice versa..

the only difference yes microsoft have done well with kinect, but at what price?.. other than multi-plats they've almost abonded the main hardcore audience they had/have.

and @RBlaze im not saying sony didn't spend anything on marketing at all.. of course they did, what im saying is microsoft spent more, simple, fact.

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Tinasumsum2929d ago

Love the promotion excuse. kinect sells because people are OMG-ing eachother

NYC_Gamer2929d ago

whats wrong with promotion?MS was right to spend money to get kinect all that mainstream attention and its paying should learn how to better market their products in my opinion.

Biggest2929d ago

Kids wanted a Fushigi this Christmas. They didn't want it because it's a magical, non-gravity ball. Aggressive marketing does wonders. What's this advertisement interrupting my Pandora playlist? Kinect? Sounds awesome. I guess I want one now.

Dragon_Hiko2929d ago

Well one thing I can think of wrong with promotion to a degree of 500 million dollars, is because that money could have gone into game development. I would have been much more impressed with microsoft if they used that money to buy up development studios to build a much stronger first party line up of developers and therefore software to compete with Sony and Nintendo.

mastiffchild2929d ago

Thing is EVEN if the sales were 5:1 worldwide we would be seeing, what 8million Kinect and nearly 2million Move, yeah? I realise these will be mainly US figures so it will likely be closer anyway and, besides, a lot of people are overlooking the different levels of dependence Sony and MS are putting into their motion controls. Kinect is paramount for MS while Move seems more of another option for Sony-I'm not saying one is the right way and the other wrong just that they're totally different approaches and as such these figures shouldn't be looked at as anythunbg just yet.

If Sony are, as the line up for this year shows, concentrating a lot more on more trad core games with Move as well as opposed to MS doing mainly Kinect with some core games then they may well be very pleased with their sales from a far lower key and less important(to them) campaign for Move.

Seriously, unless they were intending to compete neck and neck, which was never the case from what I can tell, then why the hell has PPachter even made the comparison? It's pointless and doesn't take notice of the two companies differing reliance on their motion peripherals. We always knew MS were putting more eggs in the motion basket than Sony so these figures and more are possibly just in line with BOTH trains of thought.

IF the worldwide figures, as I suspect they may be, are indeed a bit closer then it still seems like they're both doing pretty much what they expected and wanted out of Move and Kinect. Either wy there's enough units sold to merit both getting support and as Sony have more first party stuff they don't NEED the massive sales that MS do to convince third party devs to support things for them. I'd say both are content.

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Dante1122929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

^Most likely, but we won't know for sure until Sony releases their Move numbers for December. Hopefully we'll see when or if they release their official total hardware/software numbers.

ct032929d ago

Wikipedia page views are a good source to gauge consumer interest. The Kinect article is accessed about 3.5 times as often.

Kinect (December 356K views, January 111K views)
Move (December 106K views, January 32K views)

2929d ago
LoydX-mas2929d ago

So articles shouldn't be approved because you don't like what they say?

Just wondering.

Chromer2929d ago

I was referring to Pachter. Of course, thank you for showing your obvious insecurity. Anything else you'd like to share with the class?

LoydX-mas2929d ago

If you don't like articles about Pachter, just say that rather than being obviously vague.

marison2929d ago

Hardware is created to sell software. If:
"More significantly, in our view, the top two selling Kinect software titles outsold the top two Move titles by over 13:1."

It's probable that 5:1 (Kinect:Move) is not a bad number.