OXM UK: The OXM Report - Best of 2011

The OXM Report for January 10th. In which the OXM team talk about their most anticipated games of 2011.

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Lamarthedancer2837d ago

They speak like all the games they've mentioned are all exclusives

I feel sorry for Xbox magazine writters this year with not a lot coming out for the Xbox...exclusive wise and it basicaly being Kinect stuff they've pretty much got to force a smile on their face as they write reviews for them. I bet there going to fight over who gets to review Gears of War 3

RockmanII72833d ago

So is it against the rules to be excited for a multiplatform game?

Smootherkuzz2837d ago

Not having exclusive games that can only be played on your console of choice does not mean that there are not any games to played.Exclusive game content sometimes do not remain exclusive,so I ask whats the point in exclusive games for Xbox or Sony or what ever?I feel just as or even more greatful to be able to play any good game on my console.I for one would not want games to be just exclusive to a console because theres to many good games coming from everywhere to play and exclusives puts a limit on that.Maybe thats one of the reasons there is not as many exclusive for any console.If I create a game I want to sell it across the board for more money but thats just me.