5 Ways to Make Crackdown 3 Awesome

GamerZines writes:

Creator of Crackdown 2, Ruffian Games, has began hiring for two as of yet unannounced game projects which have been described by the developer themselves as "high octane, visceral" titles that are "heavily focused on online."

It's safe to assume that at least one of these are a new chapter in the agent and achievement loving Crackdown franchise, and even though some of you may moan that the last game was anything but stellar, we have the golden formula on how to make this franchise great once more.

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Mcardle2834d ago

Bring back the magic of the first, and fix the firsts problems like you should of done in the second?

HolyOrangeCows2834d ago

1) Fix the problems of the first; poor lock-on intelligence, not enough main missions/targets, etc.
2) Better enemies with better AI.
3) Give better excuses to use Super Powers of character...the first game was filled with obstacles and situations that made using your powers both fun and essential.
4) Pay RealTime's 100 Million dollar debt and bring the team back together.....okay, MAYBE that one is unrealistic.
5) Don't reuse Pacific City again....seriously.
6) Spend >8-12 months making it ( )

bigevilworldwide2833d ago

The only unrealistic on on that list is that anyone would actually pay to bring realtime worlds back, they would of had to at some point made so astonishing games in the last couple years, other than crackdown which as alright at best and APB

andrewsqual2833d ago

or just 1: don't take 3 and a half years to make a game that then turns out to be the Red Dead Undead Nightmare expansion pack for Crackdown.
2: make a new game.

TenSteps2834d ago

Agreeable but I say move to a new city.

kissmeimgreek2834d ago

agreed. Pacific City felt so... lifeless and boring in the sequel.


JohnApocalypse2834d ago

Have a new city, engine and missions

R2D22834d ago

I agree with you Mr.John.

If they use the same city in the 3rd installment, then its a no go for me - same with Saint Row 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.