Evolution of Gaming in Minutes

A group of students in Munich have created a video that shows how games have evolved, if you're not into watching a boring long episode this will please you as it will show you how the games evolved in only minutes.

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Cinotix2837d ago

It's nuts to see how the TV's came along with the consoles, although consoles taking the lead to whom gets technologically advance first.

darthv722837d ago

It is a brief run through a few of the consoles from gen to gen. Not a total reflection on the time span but you get the idea.

If they tried to make a vid that touched on EVERY system released it would need its own prime time hour long slot.

I'll stick with this. Simple and to the point.

Ziriux2837d ago

Nintendo looks like takes the lead in most.

Valay2837d ago

Wow, you can see how many times Nintendo has evolved from the videos. looks like it has most of the consoles, too.

ThatGuyInTheHat2837d ago

That is one amazing video! It actually brought a tear to my eye remembering all the games I have played over the years. Thanks so much!

ThatGuyInTheHat2837d ago

Says the guy who sits down to piss.

xino2837d ago

awww XBAWK 360 did not make it to the list!

cuz it's not worth it!

good video but the guy wasn't playing the games.

Awesome, they had GOTY 2010 GOW3 on the list!

not only did they selected a few consoles, but they had good taste of games!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick man!:)