Edge: Uncharted 3 Preview: Part Two

Edge: Fiction is fragile, and the studio knows it. Nowhere is there greater risk of bombing your audience to sleep than in the thirdperson action genre, and nowhere tempts you to jump the shark more than putting ‘pulp’ in your pitch. Moreover, if you’re following in or around the footsteps of Indiana Jones, you probably know the worst pitfall of all: ‘nuking the fridge’.

“I love Indiana Jones. That, not so much,” admits lead designer, Justin Richmond of movie number four, The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. “I love the character and I love certain aspects of the fourth one, but it wasn’t a very solid film. It’s hard. It’s one of those things where you see what you remember from when you saw it at 14, and you lose some of that childlike wonder. But I don’t think it was true to the character. And it was one of those projects where it had been going on for years, with a million scripts. Even in games you hear of these projects where it takes them years to figure out.” He looks over at his colleague and there’s a pause. “I don’t remember it,” says Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra.

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