Sega's Dreamcast Collection A Complete Waste Of Time (RunDLC)

Like many Sega fans, we have fond memories of the Dreamcast, from shaking plastic maracas in Samba de Amigo to importing hard to find games from Japan. Much of this appreciation is purely nostalgia (most of these titles haven’t aged well), but this special system had, pound for pound, one of the most impressive lineups in history.

That said, we had high hopes for Sega’s Dreamcast Collection. At first, this appeared to be the company’s follow up to the outstanding Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, a wonderful compilation that includes well over 40 16-bit classics. Clearly, the publisher would use this opportunity to pay homage to one of the most beloved systems of all time.

So much for that idea.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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NYC_Gamer2837d ago

sega has been wasting gamers time for so long

Yi-Long2837d ago

... I don't know what moron is calling all the shots over there, but he really needs to get fired, and Sega needs to put someone in charge who DOES know what their fans want!

DA_SHREDDER2837d ago

No Skies of Arcadia or Armada? Pfft. What a piece of dog poo.

Xfanboy2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I wouldn't say complete wates it's allways good to get the old games!!
But as of this generation It seems they are so stuck on trying to make sonic as good as mario!! Just give me Shenmue 3!! But now I can't trust them not to make it a bad game..

I rather see Naughty Dog make Shenmue 3! Square Enix seems they want to go down hill also making FF14online & now FF13 2! wtf!!

Ponurasky2836d ago

I rather not see Shenmue 3 than have it been made by ND. They would miss the point totaly.

yewles12837d ago

Space Channel 5 Part 2, but not 1... It's the little things that get me.

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