GAMER-0 # 34: PSP2 to do PS3 Graphics, 3DS to drop March, Is Capcom Really Sorry?

T-Hill writes: So much to cover today from PSP2's supposed graphical power to Capcom's attempt at an apology. Let me know what you think about the new set up and show structure.

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NYC_Gamer2832d ago

i'm done with capcom and their garbage this gen

cochise3132832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Capcom has been terrible this generation, the best games they have released have been the Street Fighter series, and I'm sure MvC3 will be great. Everything else they release have been half assed.

ThanatosDMC2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Wait... this isnt HHG. I was hoping for a HHG Sony interview about the PSP2.

I hope the PSP2 is a little bigger in size of the Go since i noticed my left hand cramps up after an extended use of the stick when playing MHFU.


I know I'm not HHG but I'm an editor on his site and I produce my own content as well. HHG is an amazing guy, he had me as a guest on one of his Backlash episodes.

You can catch my stuff on, or

Ryudo2832d ago

"Wait... this isnt HHG. I was hoping for a HHG Sony interview about the PSP2."

If you want that just find any PSP2 interview if there is one...

And dub, O dawg dog that's awesome, ya shizzel, look at my WWE belt. And some poor rapping over the top.

Ratchet5102832d ago

PSP2 will own, we dont need capcom they turn crapy when DMC4 went to 360. after that they been 360 fans not giving sony good content. but we have monster hunter only and that sells good in JAP. monster hunter freedom 4 i can see for psp2.

matey2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

capcom have RE the best survival horror series on the market end of and the UK loves capcom

madjedi2832d ago

Dude resident evil hasn't been survivor horror since the ps1 days, it's a tps/action game.

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