PlayStation — Sony becomes a contender

Remember when the original PlayStation was released in the United States back in 1995?

The system went from a new, shiny thing released by Sony — a relative newcomer to the video game industry — to the console that was all over the place, outselling the Sega Saturn, giving Nintendo fits and rendering the Atari Jaguar all but irrelevant. Sony didn’t just wind up as a major player in the video game industry because the PlayStation (also called the PS or PS1) had been under development for some time.

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DigitalRaptor2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

PlayStation was such a game changer!

I can't believe there are people out there who hate the PlayStation brand.

Loner2887d ago

The fanboys give it bad name because of how obnoxious and annoying they can be

DigitalRaptor2887d ago

I can agree to that sometimes. But to be honest, that's no reason to hate on the console itself or its games.

I think when you see PS3 fans complaining and bashing on the 360, it's more to do with genuine complaints such as hardware failure, paying to play online and the kind of things Microsoft does, rather than not liking the games.

VersusEM2887d ago

Wonder how the gaming world would be without PlayStation.

Jdoki2887d ago


Lol. Every system has it's annoying and obnoxious fanboys

That has zero to do with the quality of games that are produced, or the actual brand.

TheLeprachaun2887d ago

Agree completely. I love the playstation brand and the great games available for the PS3 but the sony fanboys are the worst in existence. They remind me of religious zealots.

xino2887d ago

gaming without Playstation would mean:
*we will still be using cartridges
*no entertainment add ons.
*no mature games on consoles.
*we will be using FAT controllers too
*consoles will always be fat

Gaming without Xbox would mean:
*consoles will always be skinny
*using memory cards to save games
*no hd support

SuperLupe2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Somebody would have thought about that anyway even if Sony or MS werent there.

There's always somebody to fill in the gap. If MS werent there it would have been Apple for instance and if Sony werent there SEGA would have taken their role.

darthv722887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

to be honest, NEC/Hudson had already been established in making games on CD for the PCengine/Turbografx. Also Sega was moving away from carts with the saturn as thanks to the sega cd.

Mature games...actually over in japan there were a multitude of them on the pcengine. If by mature you mean violent then it wasnt the ps to do that. You can thank the PC which would have naturally made its way to the consoles like they did on the saturn.

Everything people think the PS made as the "game changers" were really nothing different than other consoles. What was "THE" game changer was the fact that Sony was doing a console.

Keep in mind that Sony is not the only "electronics" company to try and make a console. NEC (PCengine which was VERY successful in JP) and Panasonic (3DO which was way to $$$$ for people to really commit to) were a couple of the more notable ones.

Sony used their name recognition to garner interest. It also helped that they had a software development side (Sony ImageSoft) to get things going.

A world without PS would not really have stalled progress. That is why it is called progress. There hasnt really been any "revolutionary" moments in gaming since gaming itself was a revolution in entertainment. Everything has simply been "evolutionary" getting better and better each time.

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guigsy2887d ago

You'd be an idiot to hate the Playstation brand. It has brought so much to gaming, as have the Nintendo, Sega and Xbox brands. Take any of those away and gaming wouldn't be as great as it is today.

cobpswii36002887d ago

Indeed. My 3 favorite games of all time are all from each Playstation system.

1. Shadow of the Colossus
2. Heavy Rain
3. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

Thank you Sony!

sobekflakmonkey2887d ago

To be honest, i loved this article, because honestly i remember being pretty young and playing awesome games like legend of dragoon, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX (and many more)with my brothers, and it was just good times, and there was really no console war, this article just reminds me of my childhood, and its a good thing, this article is awesome.

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emil12887d ago

"Crash Team Racing(CTR). The “barely in control” nature of the game makes that one of the better kart racers out there. "

LOL CTR is the best kart racer. mario kart zero points

cochise3132887d ago

Diddy Kong racing is unmatched to this day. I loved that game.

sobekflakmonkey2887d ago

although i agree that CTR is an awesome game, there is really no need to be hating on Mario Kart or any other awesome games(like diddy kong racing) they were all awesome, it was fun having games with all the console heros in it, so emil1 you can suck it for being a hater..

cochise3132887d ago

I remember when i first bought a playstation, at the age of 12, with Castlevania: symphony of the night, that's one of my fondest memories.I've enjoyed watching the playstation brand evolve over the last 16 years, wow time flies.

EliteDave932887d ago

Gaming without Sony? gaming fucking sucks!

Chicago85062887d ago

I still have my original PS and PS2..with the sweet looking Blue Holder at the Base of the PS2...

Good Times...Gooood Times!

Game on!

sobekflakmonkey2887d ago

lol same here!!! its always good to hold on to things like that, alot of good memories!!

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