Killzone 3 Gone Gold, Kicks Your Face in February 22nd!

You’ve waited patiently for 2 years, but now the time has come to return to Helghan along with Sev, Rico, Narville and the rest of the surviving ISA. Killzone 3 has officially gone gold, and will be coming to stores on February 22nd, 2011.

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smoothdude2887d ago

Generally I avoid preordering games, however, Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 might be exceptions. I can't wait!


shame cant afford the special edition though...its £100

lociefer2887d ago

yayy my last exam day will b 22, thn ill get all the games ive been missing ; kz3 , lbp2, fifa2011, and thn ill get mk uc3 last guradian twisted metal yakuza some psn titles, lol goodbuy sunshine !

Eyeco2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

wow i cant believe its been 2 years already, seems like yesterday i was anticipating Killzone 2

Dylantalon12887d ago

Can you imagine how amazing killzone 3 looks at this moment. Killzone 3 will be the best looking game graphically this year until uncharted 3 is released and even then it still might be the best.

Dr-Zoidberg2887d ago

I think I will be tempted to pre-order KZ3 and Dead Space 2 and will wait for the rest to come down in price. May get UC3 day one as well. Just too many games this year and I can't splash out like I used to.

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PR_FROM_OHIO2887d ago

Counting the days for this baby!!!!!! KILLZONE 3 FTW!!

OllieBoy2887d ago

So hyped for this!!!

KZ3 and LBP2 should keep my PS3 busy for a while.

tigertron2887d ago

Day one GOTY contender for me. ^_^

Monkey5212887d ago

If only I had an extra $120 just laying around to get that Helghast Edition!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.