DTG: The PS3 Hack- What We Now Know

Dedicated To Gamers sum up the latest concerning the recent PS3 hack. What does it mean for the future of the console? And what could possibly be incurred from Geohot's efforts?

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xino2837d ago

good article!
nice layout too! almost like reading a gaming magazine newspaper!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

Christopher2837d ago

Just in response to your post, horrible layout for the Web. Having to scroll up and down to continue reading and using background images with the text you're supposed to be reading that make it hard to read more? Very bad design.

As far as the article, it provides nothing new, but is an okay overview. I do take issue with yet another article stating that Sony removed OtherOS when what happened is users were given a choice, OtherOS or PSN. GeoHot wanted both and in the process modified the PSN code to enable it.

ct032837d ago

Speak for yourself. I like the layout a lot.

Christopher2836d ago

I was speaking for myself...


Balt 2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

What I don't get is this, if you're a "true" gamer, (heheheheaaahaha), you obviously wouldn't steal games or pirate them right? I mean, "true" "gamers" don't need to steal games cause you all care about the industry so much. Right?

Ok, so all these people stealing games must not be "true" "gamers" and thus they'd never buy the game anyways. Why are you people crying again? Do you think any one of the games they are poised to steal is going to be a game changer and swing them over to the gamer side? No.

Just let them steal their games and conduct business as you normally would. You are the ones supporting the industry anyways. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I know everyone of you have bought a used game or borrowed one and never gave it back or accepted a used game from a friend for free. I know it. That doesn't help the industry at all. Not one bit.

Clean your own closest before you go and start cleaning other peoples.

sam22362837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

You're confusing true gamers with fanboys.

True gamers don't suck some company's dick and belittle said company's competition like a bunch of children. True gamers wouldn't give a shit about the PS3 - or any console, for that matter - getting hacked.

EDIT: Honestly, how many PS3 hacking articles have there been in the past week?

Where were all the articles about the 360 or Wii getting hacked? Where were the 50+ articles a day when the PSP got hacked? Oh, hold on a sec, there were barely any articles for each of those.

The fanboys are making this shit out to be the end of the world or something. It's ridiculous and makes me ashamed to call myself a gamer this gen. Hell, it makes me ashamed to say I own the fucking console.

Christopher2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Really poor logic.

1. What the frak is a "true" gamer? Someone who buys games always or someone who buys games when they can't pirate? If the former, then this group of gamers makes up an very small portion of the population that buys games. If the latter, then there are "true" gamers who pirate games.

2. You can't suddenly leap from the logic that only "true" gamers would buy a game and anyone else wouldn't. Then you're saying that anyone who has bought a game is a "true" gamer and therefore has never pirated. This just isn't true.

3. If the group of people who now buy games on the PS3 do so because a) they want to or b) they can't pirate. Once piracy is an option, the group of people who buy games on the PS3 will lose the people from group b. This means that the number of people who support the developers of the games will diminish by however many people comprise group b.

You logic fails in assuming that group b doesn't support developers when there are no options for piracy. They do. It's when piracy becomes available that these people do what saves them the most money so they can spend their money on something else. The desire to play video games always remains.

Edit: If you somehow believe that people who buy games for the PS3 now would never pirate, then you live in an imaginary world where logic doesn't apply.

mastiffchild2837d ago

Yeah. We'll extend your dubious attempt at turn tabling morals into seeing how you feel when you get burgled. They only burgled YOUR house why should I care?

All that evil needs to prosper is for good men to turn a blind eye-which is exactly what you suggest we do. This isn't about isolated one offs when people are poor and need to buy used games or you try a mates before buying your own copy. No, these guys are publcising this like it's OK and doing so to MILLIONS. Did momma teach you nothing?


Good article to have a little knowledge about what's going on.

Anyway, I won't hack the console, I want to play Online without problems.


It is a black and white issue,no shades of gray.
Right or Wrong or somewhere in between.
It is wrong.Mastiff I agree completely

bigevilworldwide2836d ago

I think they should just shoot all there morons now that idiots are hacking it MW2 is totally unplayable online and its spreading to black ops there is no way someone gets a nuke in less than 60 seconds let alone can you normally shoot someone from inside a building across the map.I really love the ones you can unload a clip into their face from 2 ft away and they don't die. I'm sure its going to spread to other games also.