Epic! The best Bossfights of 2010

These are the best Bossfights of 2010, judged by the editorial staff at Games Aktuell. Do you agree?

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Kran2833d ago

Darksiders had some amazing boss fights. I remember the final boss fight. So much strategy. And the one where you are on the horse whilst trying to defeat that worm creature. Quite tough :P

Bloodlyte2833d ago

Very good list, but Kronos was the only one that really had my jaw on the floor. That was amazing!!!

prettyboy12833d ago

dude i was so thinkin the same thing,how could anyone that played gow3 not remember the battle wit was the most epic boss battle in any video game to date,period


The Hades battle is my personal fave but Kronos was amazing also

Bunnyslippers2833d ago

Hades was awesone, also my favorite. And technically Kronos was not a boss, but a moving level. You didn't actually fight him.

Venox20082833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

bayonetta's and Vanquish boss fights vere awesome..! and SMG2 not bad too..especially the big dragon (not bowser), bowser's nice too :) Sin & Punishment 2, No more heroes 2! :)

blahblah2833d ago

there is only one game that really has epic boss fights.


and game with worst ones in my opinion Uncharted 2 (dying on Crushing was so random)