Opinion: The year of the handheld

Why 2011’s portable platform battle will be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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offdawall2837d ago

no ... 3ds is not worth the money

gamerz2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Great point about the price of portable games. Love my DS and sortof wanted a PSP but never bought one mostly cause of the price of its games. That and it not having two sticks.

Somehow I expect portable games to have portable prices.. like the DS does. I certainly expect them to be lower than their console counterparts.

Just don't see ever paying over $40-$45 for a handheld game. How much will you pay?

joeorc2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

share will be in the smartphone market because they know the smartphones are just as capable but they can sell their games cheaper because every one of the games is digital download, no packageing..and they can update an add digital content. it's more like the "steam" method of games distribution than inside a brick an mortar store.

i mean as an example:
ID soft

just look @ rage for the Iphone 4 as an example:

now look a Epic's game engine being made for mobile devices. pretty soon many 3rd party's are going to be making games for these platforms.

ESP. when you can add bluetooth controllers to an existing mobile smartphone. or the controls may already come to the device.