H3F Member gets early copy of Halo 3, Maps revealed & More *Spoilers*

A has managed to get a hold of the final copy of Halo 3 and will be constantly providing more information about the game. All eleven multiplayer maps have been revealed. Hit the jump for a video demonstrating some new features and for more information.

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HeartlesskizZ5675d ago

I dont get the guy in the background.... screaming Halo3 sucks but at the same time rushing the guy to start a game? This is no spoilers even tho he said in one frase what happens in Halo3.

Great find by the way.

stunt2135675d ago Show
monkey6025675d ago

Dude WTF? You should care more about being a racist dog!

MoonDust5675d ago

So he is making fun of the haters.

Duke Nukem5675d ago

Those guys are funny especially the one bashing Halo3.
Is great how you can Customize your helmets and armor, great features.

monkey6025675d ago

That was actually kind of funny. As for the customisable stuff I just hope there is a monkey emblem then I'd be happy. Like in Warhawk all my stuff is plastered in monkey insignias.

Venom_Blood5675d ago

WoW first thing he did was check if MC stil have the TBAGG Feature

LeonSKennedy4Life5675d ago

That guy in the background was kidding though.

He was just making fun of RFOM and Metroid.

If Halo 3 is better than Bioshock, UTIII, OR Haze...I will give each of you 4 BILLION DOLLARS!


monkey6025675d ago

I'm going to hold you to that Mr. Kennedy.

vickers5005675d ago


I second that.

MoonDust5675d ago

I suggest you never go gambling.

monkey6025675d ago

Okay MoonDust it's my third time reading that comment and I'm still laughing bubbles for you dude.

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The story is too old to be commented.