LittleBigPlanet 2 video shows off Sackboy's violent side

A montage of all the action game possibilities in LBP2

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DoomeDx2930d ago

There is alot more possible then this!!

SnakeMustDie2930d ago

They should have included the Sony vs Marvel vs Capcom.

Miiikeyyy2930d ago

this looks soooo awesome ><

PinkFunk2930d ago

I've heard some complaints lately that LBP1/2 only offer the opportunity to create only "substandard mini-games", which I disagree with so much. The well designed levels take advantage of the uniqueness of the LBP gameplay so that it reflects the highlights of LBP and LBP alone. Adaptations of other games are often just silly homages if anything, which can range from sucking to being awesome.

One look at this video of beta community levels should at least present the possibilities of how the level creator can, in the hands of talented designers, make fun-as-fudge levels.

Can't wait.