My Kinect Is Already Collecting Dust

Slashgear: But after a while, just as it did with the Wii, my interest in the Kinect waned. Most of the games available for the device are more casual in nature, and they require multiple players to make them fun. The technology still impressed me, but the games themselves couldn’t quite stand up to the more traditional, “core” titles I typically enjoy.

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FAGOL2932d ago

All motion control devices will 'collect dust'. My Wii is back in it's box and I can't even sell it. Motion controls are a gimmick. Even my little brothers got bored of it and they're hyperactive as fuck. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will make quite alot of money but eventually people will realise it's just a toy. Motion controls will be forgotten.

tigertom532932d ago

mine is still shiny played it so much it burned out my 360, had to open it up and apply new thermal past to get it up and running again.. :)

mac_attack2931d ago

Meh, not sure what the point of this article is, its like someone sat down and decided to write something up in 5 minutes. Give us some insight or some information.

Smootherkuzz2931d ago

My Kinect is kicking butt,the family can't get enough of it and thats a good thing, to see them movin and groovin together which before I was starting to think they couldn't share the same space.So all is good,Thanks MS an Kinect.

fatalred alarm2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

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