Why You Shouldn’t Care About 3D… Yet

360 MAgazine:Is 3D the future or are some games jumping the gun just to have a fancy quote on the back of the box?

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samuraiX2837d ago

Because x360 dons't have games tat supports 3D yet..


If 360 had games with 3D the title would be:

"Why You Should Care About 3D!"

ComboBreaker2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Geeze 360Magazine, telling me not to care about 3D just because my console can play 3D and yours can't, eh? What ludicrous.

A more appropriate article would be:

"Why Xbox Owners Shouldn't Care About 3D and Why PS3 Owners Should"

Dorwrath2837d ago

As it's a 360 site it anyone with at least one brain cell can work that the article is addressing 360 users not PS3 users.

360 Magazine is a tiny little hint there you know.

ComboBreaker2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

an even more appropriate article would be:

"Why Xbox Owners Should Buy a PS3 and Care About 3D"

Seriously, Dorwrath, we know it's a 360 magazine, targeting 360 gamers, which is exactly what makes the article even more ridiculous.

I mean, imagine this...
A Man's Magazine with an article:

"Why You Shouldn't Care about Twilight"

That's just ridiculous.

Dorwrath2837d ago


I have all three consoles and could careless about 3d.

TotalPS3Fanboy2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

"I... could careless about 3d."

Exactly. That's what make this article ridiculous.

1. The 360 does not have any 3D games.
2. 360 gamers couldn't care less about 3D because the 360 can't play 3D.

So here is an article from a 360 site saying, "Hey 360 gamers, you guys do NOT care about 3D. So this article is going to convince you NOT to care about 3D."

Like ComboBreaker said, it's just ridiculous.

It would make much more sense to do an article:

"Why 360 Gamers Should Buy a PS3 and Care About 3D"

Boody-Bandit2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Well as a gamer that JUST received his first 3D display off of the back of a delivery truck yesterday let me tell you I don't only care about 3D but playing non 3D titles from here on out is going to be a let down.

I had a really hard time calbrating this new set to my liking. Once I dialed it in and sat down and watch a few scenes from a few movies I was like, meh, not bad and then again nothing completely mind blowing. I mean it looked fantastic but I could live without it.

THEN I played a few games. Some demo's from PSN, GT5 (which added a completely other level of dimension to driving) and Stardust HD in 3D which blew my mind!

3D is amazing. So amazing that I stayed up until 3am playing it when I usually hit the rack at 11pm.

I CARE ABOUT 3D and the only people that don't are those that did not sit down and game on one or don't have hardware that can support it. I would like to formerly apologize to my 360's now. Daddy is moving on. Maybe in the Fall I will dust you off but it's going to be really hard to game without 3D.

I am already looking into getting a 2nd 3D display now that I know I love 3D and it doesn't bother my eyes (no strain, no headaches after 6 hours of constant use).

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Dylantalon12837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

they should also write an article saying ' why you shouldn't care about blu ray yet' or why you shouldn't care about 1080p yet or why you shouldn't care about core games in 2011 yet. they could also write ' why we shouldn't care about better graphics than gears 1 yet, or why rrod is good. rrod is good because its good to recycle

internalbit2836d ago

Lol talk about being insecure. M$ pr department in full swing.

DA_SHREDDER2837d ago

lol. Cause the 360 has hdmi 1.2 hahahaha. I appreciate these third rate xbox fanboy sites. They always give me a good laugh with all the stupidtity thats in them.

Stealth20k2837d ago

wow what a completely bias'd article.

samuraiX2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

No stick to regular SDTVs. lol

Tachyon_Nova2837d ago

You really are missing out big time playing on an SDTV, games look so much more crisp and vibrant in HD.

4221852837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I don't understand why is an xbox 360 magazine telling me that I shouldn't care about 3d games?

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