Nintendo on NPDs: We beat everyone!

In the US last month Sony did worst, Microsoft did well, Nintendo did the best - the DS and Wii were once again rampant.

As such, Nintendo's response to the results is full of cartoon rainbows and sunshine.

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eagle212832d ago

Congrats Nintendo! Top systems plus games...

"Impressively, over half of the top 25 best-selling games for the whole of 2010 were on Wii and DS. That number includes two of the top five; five of the top 10; and nine of the top 15."

gii bro2832d ago

Look at all the Nintendo haters, crying like a bunch of girls. Suck on that ass!

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tony67672832d ago

no shit all little kids are buying your shitty cheap stuff

SonyNGP2832d ago

I thought the kids were buying Call of Duty?

CrazyForGames2832d ago

are those the same kids buying move and kinect?

shark972832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

SHIT!!... kids are buying everything!

BLACKBOIJONES2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Nothing new here...Nintendo will keep on trashing the ps3/360 when it comes to sales

Mustang300C20122832d ago

? This is the first time the Wii won against the 360 since June 2010. So what are you jonesing about? Apparently it is new since it this is the first time it has won since.

Kurt Russell2832d ago

Jonesing where I from means craving. Not talking. (UK)

Ultraplayerxp2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

jonesing don't mean anything here. (the rest of the world) :)

kneon2832d ago

I'm surprised the Wii beat the Xbox. They where selling the Xbox 4gb model at 35% discount, well below the price of a Wii. I thought for sure they would come out on top.

Mustang300C20122832d ago

because stock ran out. MS stated what happened in Dec. Thet actually sold out

kneon2832d ago

There were plenty around here, still are.

GaMr-2832d ago

Nothing new indeed. Nintendo will continue to lead the world in shovel ware.

EYEamNUMBER12832d ago

i bet you can't even name 10 let alone 5 shovel ware games that nitendo actually makes...

edgeofblade2832d ago

Wii Music
Wii Fit
Wii Fit Plus
Wii Sports
Wii Sports Resort
Link's Crossbow Training
Wii Play
Brain Age

Ok, so maybe I stretched it a bit on sequels, but come on. That should add credit to the idea that Nintendo makes shovelware: they make sequels to shovelware.

EYEamNUMBER12832d ago

do you even know what shovel ware is?
you should look up what shovelware actually is

this is shovelware

qface642832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

nintendogs isn't shovelware you may not like it but its a highly rated game that sold millions of copies its becoming an established franchise as well as wii sports heck i don't even see how wii sports can be called shovelware seeing as how it was FREE

shovelware refers to the games quality and content so you really can't actually have shovelware that is highly rated

all the games you posted besides wii music are somewhat or highly rated

edgeofblade2832d ago

When I see games like Brain Age and Nintendogs sitting in a cardboard retail display next to the checkout, priced for an impulse purchase... I call that shovelware. Even if it sells by the shovel-load.

I'll cut the Wii Fits and Wii Sports from the list based on that, but everything else is cheap trash.

Is anyone contending that Link's Crossbow Training was shovelware? Wii Play? Nintendo does make trash games... with a Nintendo polish, but still trash games.

qface642832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

except for the FACT that nintendogs isn't shovelware

look up what shovelware is
shovelware refers to a piece of software that is of exceptionally low quality that is churned out at a very rapid rate and as ive said something that is highly rated that took some time to make can't be classified as shovelware whether you like the product or not

and i quote
"The metaphor implies that the creators showed little care for the original software, as if the new compilation or version had been indiscriminately created/ported with a shovel, without any care shown for the condition of the software on the newly created product."

wii play and links crosbow training aren't really shovel ware because those games were not made as stand alone games
they are games that game as a packaged bonus for buying the product behind it in wii plays case it was a wiimote plus game for 39.99 if it was the game itself for 39.99 then it would be shovelware

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GaMr-2832d ago

I'm not going to argue. I left my comment vague intentionally so I could attract some "self-righteous" would be know it all to come and correct me. What I actually meant in so little words is well this article and charts are prime example. Sorry if this one is a little old but feel free to pull up an updated version and see nothing has changed. When all games are stacked side by side on all platforms PS3,Wii,360 and PC. The Wii tends to be in a distant last in terms of quality.

But that's just me being a real gamer. Knowing you guys on here your probably talking about something irrelavant and pointless like hmmmmm I dunno "Sales".


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