Lost Planet new images

Seven new screenshots of Lost Planet have been released. More will come with the Game Convention, but untill that we can enjoy these great looking screens.

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kewlkat0075380d ago

Suppose to be any good...or just another shooter?

Landa5380d ago

I´ve heards it has a revolutionary gameplay but looks like another shooter to me, good graphics

Islandkiwi5380d ago

This was a big suprise to me when I downloaded it during E3. The demo was a lot of fun, this game will certainly sell well if the demo was any indication.

pRo loGic II5380d ago

Man i was playing this demo/game last night and the more i play it the more i realize this is a well made game, from the foot prints in the snow; to the shooting through the gates with some of the bullets making it through and some hitting it. WOW the AI is stellar. this games under-rated 4-sure. Gameplay is old school fun with lots of next-gen mixed in and O, it looks dam! good too. Online will be the craz along side Saints Row, GOW, Forza 2. Welcome chang3 jump in welcome to the future of gaming.

pRo loGic II5380d ago

As soon as my girl friend gets her ass off my HD-boob tube im going to try and beat that Flying Mech the leader of the snow pirates is operating. lol he's one smart cookie. Well made game i tell ya. Select the snow pirate level and use the jumping mech and jump on the tower. CLASSIC!!!

pRo loGic II5380d ago

LOL, with you; not at you.

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The story is too old to be commented.