Lima Sky Withdraws Doodle Claim on App Store

Well, that didn’t take long. Yesterday we reported on warnings on developer Lima Sky’s part urging other devs to refrain from using the word “doodle” in their games. This resulted in another developer attempting to fight Apple and Lima Sky on the matter. Thankfully, no one is going to have to go to blows or, at the very least, court, because Lima Sky’s Igor Pusenjak has withdrawn his copyright claims.

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TomFG2886d ago

What's worse? That he tried to trademark the word "doodle" or that he felt he had to trademark the word "doodle?"

RogueCheddar2885d ago

I totally disagree, I feel he really had a legitimate claim here. Especially when he mentions consumer confusion - for a while after all the doodle games started coming out (after doodle jump exploded in popularity) I assumed they were all related, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. That's bad for business and it's obvious why all of a sudden a million developers started calling their games doodle this or doodle that. It was bad form on their part and he should have some claim to the trend he started.