Why DLC is screwing console gamers tries to figure out why console gamers are bearing the brunt of mediocre, overpriced DLC.

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nix2833d ago

when GT5 came out with over 1000 cars that drives uniquely, everyone started counting pixels and how it's not worth having so many cars. but the same people will run and buy the DLCs which will give them three cars which are already in the disk.

Darkfiber2833d ago

Bioware is guilty of this above any other company. Charging $10 for 45 minutes of gameplay is criminal.

Quagmire2833d ago

45 mins is better than a skin or a gun

Darkfiber2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I agree, but 45 minutes isn't worth the price they are asking. DLC should be 2:1 dollars:hours. If the DLC is 1 hour long, it should cost $2. If it's 2 hours long, $4. If they want to make it $10, it should be at least 5 hours long, particularly for an "RPG".