TheGameEffect | Video Games in Real Life: Andrew Ryan and Rapture

Rapture: A self sustained underwater city in the renowned FPS, BioShock, and home to what's being called one of the greatest game narratives of the decade; a world where millions of people have braved through salt-water-soaked halls and echoes of madness, taking down everything from Splicers to haunting Big Daddies. The idea of a submerged society is pulled off beautifully in the game, but most would never think of such a thing actually existing in our lifetimes, if ever. This, however, is not the case for Dennis Chamberland.

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ephellstrom2834d ago

I would stay underwater with him for 90 days if he had every single episode of SpongeBob SquarePants on hand to watch.

Entropic2834d ago

Haha, I think I would constantly be paranoid that a shark or something would crack the glass, or the pressure would become unbalanced and my head would explode. Not good either way. Then again, if it was self sustaining, and I could just play games down there all day, it may be worth it.