The Top 5 Lists (on Bitmob) of 2010

Here they are: the five best lists posted to Bitmob in 2010, arrived at through careful study, a few coin tosses, and some scientific stuff that hasn't been patented yet.

It's actually a joke.

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Caligula2927d ago

Hmm. I wonder how many people will actually click on the link before passing judgement?

RogueCheddar2927d ago

I don't understand why this is being judged? It's really not strange, Kotaku does a list of top lists every week. Lists get traffic. Writers want traffic. Writers write lists. People click on them while muttering under their breath about lists being lame.

In fact, if people would read it, they would find the author acknowledging this and poking fun at himself before getting on with what is a fun article to read.

Not trying to call you out specifically, since you may have been saying the same thing (hard to tell what your tone is from the comment), but it's already been reported after all, and that's lame.

Caligula2926d ago

I disagreed with the report.

acronkyoung2926d ago

I like how you specifically say it's a joke article, but people don't even read that. N4G users can't even be bothered to completely read the description before reporting something. Nice.