Big Mant Rant #4: Most Anticipated of 2011 NOT Named MvC3's Jason Fanelli is really excited about gaming in 2011. Yes, he's especially pumped for Marvel vs Capcom 3, but there are other games he's jazzed about. That means it's Big Man Rant time.

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MariaHelFutura2925d ago

I`m soooooo hype for ME3, the end of the trailer is great and got me right into ancipation mode for it. I hope it`s more like ME1 than ME2 in the way of being more RPGish.

Honestly, I hope it releases in early 2012 though.

SMOK3xFFx2925d ago

The reapers are already scheduled to come back in 2012, Dec 21 2012.

italianbreadman2924d ago

I'm all about Skyrim, The Last Guardian, Journey, and The Witness.