IGN: Kinect in 2011: What's Coming Out?

So Christmas is over, it's officially 2011, and there in your living room, sitting on top of your Xbox 360, is Kinect. You made all the wacky talking statue videos you wanted in Kinect Adventures. You bought your pet tiger every fancy collar in the game. You even mastered dozens of dance routines.

So now what? You've got a really expensive peripheral and a lack of games on the horizon. Or so it seems. Turns out there are a ton of games, both casual and hardcore, slated for release this year on Kinect.

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MariaHelFutura2834d ago

I can`t wait to see what is considered a hardcore Kinect title.

mightyboot2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I cant wait either! that´s why i still havent started waiting!

crxss2834d ago

What's coming out you say? Dance Central 2....

DualConsoleOwner2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )



dont forget
micheal jackson dancing game.
Fitness evolved 2.

StanLee2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

As someone considered an XBox 360 fanboy, I really wished Kinect would have failed and failed miserably. The gaming industry is a copy cat industry. The greater the success of casual gaming, the more the industry veers off that steep cliff. The success of Kinect, Cut the Rope, Minecraft and Angry Birds really drives a stake through the heart of core gaming. Watch the large publishers now shift focus to Kinect, Ipod/Ipad/Iphone gaming, and Android and Windows 7 platforms. Shit is disgusting.

yess2834d ago

You are wrong.
We still have Sony, and the casual and core will get a long just fine, with Kinnect,Move,Wii and pc or whatever platform is out there...

Game on!

4Sh0w2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

The industry is definitely a copy cat industry but the rest of your beliefs dont hold water. The wii has been by far the most successful console this gen in terms sales, even with all its success this far into its life cycle I don't see devs running over to support the wii, fact is devs continue to crank out more exclusives for the hardcore gamers, COD Black Ops and tons of 3rd party/1st party AAA titles are proof enough, the only shift is that more 3rd party devs will release motion controlled enabled games and in an effort to broaden their potential user base= more $$$, but make no mistake traditional controller AAA games for the hardcore will continue to exist because unlike casuals hardcore buy more than 1 or 2 games a year and theres too much profit to be made unless of course all of us "so called hardcore gamers" stop buying games like COD, Gears, GoW and Uncharted.

oh btw as a long time gamer and fan of all platforms I say bring on the traditional controller base games AND kinect games, fortunately for me we live in a world where anyone is free to enjoy 1 or the other or like me can enjoy them both.

edgeofblade2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

My top picks so far are Child of Eden, as a big Q fan, and Steel Battalion.

And for StanLee saying we are going off a cliff catering to casuals? Yes, we should be concerned, but in the long run, expanding the market will convert many of those casuals to cores.

At the same time, watch how some so-called casuals play Facebook games. There's nothing casual about it.

Now, we can either welcome new gamers or act like the bitter, contrarian, hipster music fan that gets mad when their band gets popular.

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JonnyBigBoss2834d ago

A game that has convoluted gameplay, that's what. Of course, that's assuming that a hardcore title will ever come out for Kinect.

HolyOrangeCows2834d ago

Let's see....that dragonshooter project thing....can't wait to see what all of the trolls who downed LAIR have to say about something even LESS accurate.
A shooter...that will go well, lol.
A horror game...could work, but I don't see how Kinect would enhance the experience, unless it tracked goosebumps or something, lol.....ohh, and it looks like a cartoon; incoming Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2.
More Dance games....
Rail Wars....I mean, Star Wars.
Forza with steering controls.

Nothing impressive by a long shot.

Arnon2834d ago

Judging by your comment, I assume you were too young to have played the Panzer Dragoon series... i.e. "that dragonshooter project thing".

You also forgot Steel Battalion, the game that's using a controller and Kinect.

theIMP2834d ago

LOL, once again we have one of the biggest trolls on this site calling other people trolls. What do y'all Sony only guys have to gain by invading every single Kinect article posted? This is a serious question. What do you get out of it? Please, one of you answer me. I would really like to know. I know you don't have the bubbles so just PM me the answer.

edgeofblade2834d ago

Same reason we show up in PS3 articles. The same reason there is a Mac/PC/Linux war. The same reason there is a Dodge/Ford/GMC truck war. The same reason Conglomerated Beer and craft brew nuts butt heads. The same reason there is a war about any consumer product category...

The need to take a smug asshole down a notch.

theIMP2834d ago

Edge, please don't say "we". I'm not French, nor do I go into PS3 articles to bash anything. I also don't see every single Move article overrun with the same group of people every single day, bashing it with the exact same weak ass arguments day in and day out without fail every day. I am just wondering what kind of satisfaction one could possibly get from that.

I take it the answer you gave is "The need to take a smug asshole down a notch."
Now I ask, who exactly was the "Smug Asshole" in this thread that needed to be taken down?
To be honest that's kind of a lame excuse, but at least you had some kind of reason. Anyway I await your next answer.

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Masterchef20072834d ago

Me 2 i wonder what a core title will be on Kinect. Cause so far all the Kinect titles that we have seen are for casuals

BloodyNapkin2834d ago

They already have some hardcore titles in the works.

Halo dance central

Gears of War adventures

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Jim Hawking2834d ago

I spent about an hour and a half trying to find a "hardcore" game, or even a AAA game with a release date for the Kinect in 2011. I couldn't find one. There is no way that is right. Is there an Xbox Con coming up where they might announce some new games?

BabyTownFrolics2834d ago

Rise of Nightmares
Steel Battalion Heavy Armor
Codename D
Project Draco
You Dont know Jack
Dance Paradise
Dance on Broadway
Child of Eden
Fantastic Pets
Brunswick Pro Bowling
UFC Personal Trainer
Body and Brain Connection
Forza Motorsport 4
Spongebob Squarepants

and others

this link has the games and also links to more info about the games:

while those games might not interest folks on N4G hopefully it will put to rest the idea that their are no games coming for Kinect.

I just wanted to comment on the idea of hardcore versus casual, when we were kids just starting gaming we were all casual gamers. Ever give a really young child a ps3 or 360 controller and have them attempt something like gears or uncharted? most of them get frustrated cause they cant get a handle on the controls. same goes with current casual gamers. but eventually as you become a more experienced gamer your tastes change and you move on to more challenging stuff.

by expanding your casual base you are essentially training non gamers to be gamers, and some will be fine with casual games and some will have tastes that mature beyond that. so I dont see casual gamers as the enemy of core games, i see them as gaming rookies.

Kon2834d ago

Why people want core games for Kinect so much? It is obvious that he was made for casual games.

ps3360games2834d ago

95% of xbox 360 games in 2011 are Kinect games

Kon2834d ago

I know, but no chances of core games. People already know that, but they talk if they didn't know.

FailOverHero2834d ago

Kinectalloons! Yay! *cuts wrists*

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