Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 by 88% During Holidays in U.S.

With the NPD data continuing to trickle in, we now see that 1.21 million units of the PS3 were sold during December. That's certainly not bad but it represents an 11% decline, versus Xbox 360's 42% jump. The last two months of the year are the two most important in the gaming business when everyone shops for the holidays. With December in the rear-view, totals can be added, and we see that PS3's total for November-December is just 1.74 million compared to Xbox 360's whopping 3.27 million.

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donniebaseball2929d ago

Wow, that's nuts. And then you hear about all these people saying PS3 is going to pass by Xbox 360 by like tomorrow. Not so fast I guess.

HOTA9X2929d ago

88 percent of nothing is still nothing.

MmaFanQc2929d ago Show
FailOverHero2929d ago

Hey everybody, did you hear? 1.53 million units is nothing these days.../s *rolling eyes*

Best2929d ago

Who wants a console like the PS3 that is open to hackers... 360 is clean i think im not sure.

jaysquared2929d ago

So much for gt5 helping the ps3 outsell the 360 this holiday season..

HOTA9X2929d ago

At above, did i say 88percent of 1.5million is nothing?

Pixel_Enemy2929d ago

This is great news for my stock in the company /s

pain777pas2929d ago

The American media saw to the PS3s demise from the outset with the review scores and scores of negative articles against the system. Some say that they want an American company runing the gaming industry especially in a recession. However, is Microsoft the company that they wanted? I don't think so. The truth is the same business practices they have used in the software business are used in the gaming market aswell. When they bought the Kinect guys they put their name on the tech marketed it and profit. Nothing new to their strategy. I have to admit their ads were effective and people bought the Kinect and the price of the 360 is at that sweet spot for the Arcade version. You have to hand it to them they own the US as far as HD consoles go. Whether they are deserving and all that is subjective. I personally don't see what the Kinect is going to do for gaming as it is currently. Some peripheral will come at E3 I suppose and will be a WII or Move hybrid device. They will market it and get sales because they have the North American "journalists" in their hip pocket aswell as the UK in most cases because of their socialist ties. I can say that from this vantage get whatever you want. At this point games are everywhere for everything and you will ultimately decide which system is best for you. I don't see this as the best system won or anything like that. This is similar to the music industry. If labels get the radio stations to play their artists music constantly your options will be limited. Like a Jill Scott may make better music than Beyonce but if Beyonce is all you can hear you'll just go with that. You ask anyone in marketing and they will tell you enough money can make anything a hit by a bombardment of ads. Sadly this is the case in all realms of society. Microsoft pulled out another coup with Kinect.

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nycredude2929d ago


The big difference between last gen and this genis SOny REALLY dominated, as in put other companies out of business. THis gen you guys seem to think selling more becaus of a one year head start mean dominating. The only person who is coming close to dominating anyone is Nintendo. MS and Sony are merely competing and sure, in the US MS is winning at the moment, just like SOny is wining in Japan. It's really not that complicated. I don't see any of the companies going the way of the Sega consoles.

I think what people need to do is just accept the fact that there is room in this world for three consoles, adn none of them are going anywhere. Drop this fanboys shit and just get back to enjoying gaming.

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HolyOrangeCows2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"Who wants a console like the PS3 that is open to hackers... 360 is clean i think im not sure"

Obvious troll is obvious. You're not even TRYING any more, are you, Best?

DualConsoleOwner2929d ago

lol. did they just make up fake numbers??

go look up NPD numbers. NPD numbers and industry gamers numbers dont atch up

nycredude2929d ago


I am refering to every fanboy, including me, who is making gaming into more of a pissing contest than what is should be. We are supposed to be having fun not spending all our time arguing over bs.

2929d ago
Jaces2929d ago


The only company dominating this gen is Nintendo. MS and Sony are going at it with their own wars and one is winning, its pretty much a tie. ZOMG MS sold 2mil more units in December, we're winning!!

Give me a break.

Edito2929d ago

Nothing you mean the Hyper Mega laggy Kinetic??? Im backing you UP lol...

ravinash2929d ago

Good numbers for MS.
But considering the budget for advertising and opening out to the casual market, thats probably it shouldn't be that surprising.

PS3 still doing very well.

greatjimbo782929d ago

" They will market it and get sales because they have the North American "journalists" in their hip pocket aswell as the UK in most cases because of their socialist ties."

What Socialist ties? Next time, may I suggest you think before you type. Bloody Pseudo!

gman_moose2929d ago

Oh no not this shit again.

Every month, fanboys need to be reminded that NA /=/ world. PS3 is still outselling 360 pretty much everywhere else, so it won't amount to 1.53 difference when the smoke clears. With the PS3 lineup in 2011 and 360 barely having anything, PS3 will catch them by the end of the year or sooner. If not, I've lost all faith in the gaming industry, because apparently gamers support companies with no first party studios, who brag about timed exclusive DLC, and who abandon their core audience to focus on the casuals.

greatjimbo782929d ago

Glad to see at least Three people are as stupid as the OP.

Darkfiber2928d ago

Keep telling yourself that.

RageAgainstTheMShine2928d ago

Its not even about the figures its about reality....

Since day one & or 4 years now Sony's PS3 product still continues to receive the full brunt of a multi-billion dollar US government & US media buyout assault that was meant to bury the PS3 to the ground and never recover... but guess what the PS3 is standing strong and succeeding.

The goal of a much bigger corporation like Microsoft is to completely destroy the PS3 in its home turf but they have FAILED because they for got something...

... the power of sensible thinking gamers who are smart enough to see through the huge marketing propaganda that M$ has put up.

Not all North American's like us are as dumb as they would like to think!

We see the truth & reality and act accordingly.

Sensible gamers will stay vigilant and oppose this political machinery of M$.

We will support the Japanese consoles no matter what happens!

hay2928d ago

It's raining sh!t down here.

Dragon_Hiko2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Haha, well I will stop supporting Sony when a Sony rep knocks on my door and kicks me in the nuts when I open it...then proceeds to take my stuff and steal my cats. I would no longer care for them. But I don't see that happening anytime soon... ^_^

As I said before and will say again because I hate how people forget this, and I'm glad to see not everyone does; is what kind of articles were on this site 4 years back. I honestly don't know if Microsoft paid journalists or not, no idea, wouldn't be surprised if they did or not; but regardless there was one mother fucking hell of a bandwagon effect going on, where everyone smeared the ps3. I still remember the cover of the egm with the tomato on the ps3. I still remember trying to ignore the hundreds of hate filled 'journalistic' articles pointing out how the ps3 was going to be dead 3 years ago. Of 'analysts' saying the ps3 was doomed lol.

nnotdead2928d ago

i see, they added Nov and Dec. 360 had a huge November this year with 1.37. Sony didn't get as big of a boost that all other consoles got. both Nintendo and MS received a million more in sales compared to Sony only add 300k. December was much closer with 1.86 for 360 and 1.21 for the PS3.

while the writer is technically correct with his numbers, it seems he is trying to tell a specific narrative. not listing December for the 360. using the math to come up with the 88% just to make sound like a bigger difference, and to gather hits to his site. then the rest of his second paragraph has a bit of doom and gloom for Sony written all over it.

in the final paragraph he talks about analyst saying the PS3 will take over the 360 world wide in 2011 or 2012. then he argues against it by using the last 2 months combined numbers for the US only to claim,"these past couple months certainly don't point towards that."

Consoldtobots2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I have no interest in what MS is bringing to gaming, their software lineup is ABYSMAL and that's being kind.

Scary692928d ago

Its funny because these sales are probably from people whose 360 has broken down for the millionth time, and they go back to buying the system again. LMAO people are so intelligent. Stop supporting a company that does not give a sh*t about the consumer.

jaysquared2928d ago

Why do people cling to exclusives that don't sell??

RSPproductionz2928d ago

well vgchartz have posted last weeks wordwide numbers and guess what even that xbox fanboy has said ps3 sold more than the 360 last week. the difference in the US was completely offset by Japan and the the eu numbers meant the ps3 took a nice lead.

Retro_Zombie2928d ago

Wow impressive, congrats... now if you don't mind I'm going to get back to playing my favorite games.

Should I start with God of War 3? Killzone 2? Uncharted 2? LBP? Resistance 2?

IcarusOne2928d ago

Love the conspiracy theories, i.e. the biased American media trying to bury Sony. You guys are as crazy as the birthers and the tea party combined.

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jizzyjones2929d ago ShowReplies(13)
OGharryjoysticks2929d ago

Whats really nuts is while they seemed to have cracked the casual, unfortunately MS has become irrelevant to the conversation of video games if you really are into it. Defending Kinect is like saying you wanted iphone games all along, and if thats what you wanted you wouldnt be here. But since 360 fanboys and employees have to cheer on sales like thats all that matters since they dont have jack shit on a stick to really get excited for except 3rd party games now this is what it's become.


chester2929d ago

Why do fanboys always call the other side fanboys? They use it in a derogatory manner when they are clearly the exact same as the people they are trying to insult.

jebabcock2929d ago

Note about hacking: Whoever said the 360 is clean really should just not comment as that is the dumbest thing I have ever read in here. If you have followed anything, you know the 360 has been hackable since almost the beginning. The ps3 now being hacked just puts it closer to the level of the ps3..

MariaHelFutura2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

You gotta admit, it`s impressive for a system w/ no games on the horizon.

2929d ago
FailOverHero2929d ago

Who better to tell us about morons than . . .

guigsy2929d ago

You must have a odd definition of a game, cause there are plenty coming out on the 360 this year.

rockleex2929d ago

Yup. 360 is gonna have a hell of a year with all those Wii-type games.

You know... the games we bought HD consoles for?


JeffGUNZ2929d ago

I didn't know you could play Gears 3 and Forza 4 on the Wii.

Give me a break. You people do realize the most popular game this year was Black Ops. It's still the most played game on Live and PSN and it's a multi plat. Stop the exclusive nonsense. Borderlands, Mass Effect, Call Of Duty, Dead SPace are all my favorite games I have played this generation and they all are multiplat.

theIMP2929d ago

Jeff, just sit back and enjoy these bitches tears. It is so funny watching grow people cry over their toy.

rockleex2928d ago

2 games.

You do know the Wii comes out with more exclusive core games than that per year right?


dgonza402925d ago

@Jeff but come on... Infamous, lbp, uncharted, and MGS4 are some of my favorite games.. afterall, it IS nice to have those multiplat games and great exclusives. These exclusives arent "nonsense" they're a great selling point. Before, 360 was touted as the "Hardcore gaming console" while the PS3 was "only good for blu-ray". Now the 2011 lineup of games for 360 is 90% casual. These sales just show me how uninformed consumers are, and how hypocritical 360 fanboys can be.

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BryanBegins2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

OK explain the math: ps3 at 1.74 mio, xbox360 at 3.27 mio.

So the ps3 is equal to 53% of 360 sold. Or if we sum the two (5.01 mio), the ps3 represents 34.7% of this total. So how on earth do they arrive at 88%???

Btw, I'm not denying that the xbox is doing much better and I'm happy for this console. I think Sony will have no choice but to cut the price soon.

Edit: ok I see: difference is 1.53, representing 88% of the ps3 sold. Still stupid if you ask me to focus on that.

FailOverHero2929d ago

Sony sold MORE consoles last year in the holiday season WITHOUT GT5 and Move than they did this year with GT5 and much for GT5 being a console Mover, Moved them down

jaysquared2928d ago

So true!! Gt5 = console downer!! Would love to bear from all those Sony fans who said gt5 was going to move consoles!! Lololol

jessupj2928d ago

I guess the masses don't like quality games.

BatClarkeee2928d ago

your joking right ? you seriously think because they didnt sell as much as 2009 that it didnt move consoles ?
it sure wouldnt have anything to do with the fact that the ps3 just had a price drop or anything.
but sure you can make bold assumptions to help you sleep at night.

aceitman2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

and that means nothing !! y , because the total sales worldwide from oct 31st thru jan 1st ms only sold about 900,000 more
so dont open a can of worms without a hook .. now that was american sales that put the 360 up there . so world wide help sony catch up to ms and it will continue . on the 360 side if kinect can get more poeplo on the trainit can keep going but if it fails to keep people happy it will drop like a bomb and its not me that is saying that its all of the gameing media kinect sales has to proof itself to stay strong and not have itself look like a fad ... i dont like anything game related to fail but it can happen . or it can do a wii and keep on selling . 3 more months and we shall see which one it will be ... sonys move is a slowburner like the ps3 it can go in either direction . but time will tell

XDF2929d ago

Wait, now VGChartz is relevant when it favors the PS3? am I missing something here?

aceitman2929d ago

so if u disagree that means the numbers r wrong for the 360 so take it like it is ha ha ha its what the article is useing so thats what im useing so we are useing the same thing so it clearly shows that the 360 is not kicking ass like u think remember time will tell 3 months .

XDF2929d ago

Man, now I know why U R called ACIT Man....u must be smoking some good stuff. LOL

rockleex2929d ago

No, when VG Chartz favors PS3... you just know HOW BAD the 360 is doing because VG undertracks PS3 sales while overtracking 360 sales.

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MNicholas2929d ago

The problem with Move is that Sony failed to put up ads showcasing features such as sophisticated voice recognition, random object identification, emotion awareness and response, etc...

edhe2929d ago

"The problem with Sony is that Sony failed to put up ads."

Fixed that for you.

Honestly they have had terrible PR this gen.

ocnkng2928d ago

It wouldn't have mattered. Because the media would have ignored all of it. The corporate media is in the M$'s pocket

Zuriel2928d ago

I think this really was 'the killer,' if by killing one means the gap in sales. Sony really did not advertise the strength of their software during the end of 2010 very much. Everywhere else it was KINECT KINECT KINECT (500 million on this does help),

King-Leonidas2929d ago

lol and what those ppl gonna play next year?? oh yes i went there

edhe2929d ago

Probably all the games they're going to play on the 360 since it's the better system for multiplats.

OMG i went there /12yearoldlogic.


vishant1012928d ago

tell me this y can i play playstation magazines GOTY on my cheaper xbox in SUPERIOR quality?

pain777pas2929d ago

@DK I don't care about who wins whatever war they are waging in the gaming business. I game on everything. I only care about how things are done in general. This proves that money really does rule at the end of the day. I have no care in the world about Microsoft's success at all if my system did not RROD 8 months after owning it I would look upon them a lot differently still. I was just commenting on how money is king in society. If you have enough money and media you can be sucessful with anything. Who cares about how many generations one company will dominate over another? What I am worried about is the truth being lost and money running society in general. You pay off the media to speak well of you by giving away free systems. You market excessively no one speaks honestly and you win. That is what is bothering me I am using windows right now to type this message. Do I have a choice? That is another question but, without a doubt I am somewhat contributing to their success by using their product even if I really feel that I have no choice. The gaming industry will be headed in that direction and I can assure you that Microsoft will be the ones spearheading that revolution. Mark my words.

JeffGUNZ2929d ago

Oh will you stop with the RROD. That shit was fixed like 3 years ago and Microsoft handed it very well by replacing your console, extending warranties, and making the process painless.

pain777pas2928d ago

Jeff Gunz. When you purchase a product pretty much at launch and bought many if not all the accesories with games you invested about a grand in the system in a matter of months. Sorry but I was not happy with the performance. I am sure you were one of the lucky ones who has had no problem with the system since launch and it worked perfectly fine. I understand. I could care less about any of this BS anyway. I will refrain from typing my honest opinion in the future then. Ciao!!!!!!!

2929d ago
Vherostar2929d ago

NPD NPD NPD every one of these articles are NPD.. I see a new one every week yet in Japan Ps3 beats 360 about 100:1 every month yet theres not a ton of articles about that is there?? Guess you gotta get your victorys where you can..

Panzerkanzler2929d ago

Yes, but then there is a mythical thing called "outside the USA". I know this is a difficult concept for most Americans, they hardly know anything about it. But in those exotic and wild farwaway places the ps3 outsells the xbox.

frostypants2929d ago

Sure, the 360 is selling great in the US.

That doesn't change the fact that their 2011 lineup sucks hard. No matter how you spin it, it's not going to be a good year for people who ALREADY OWN 360s.

Other than Black Ops I'm not sure what I'll be using mine for...

CleanUP-CharliE2929d ago

Major Facepalm.

This is USA ONLY.

the_best_player2928d ago

and all the good games this year are for PS3 only :)

finbars752928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

its funny they didnt mention all the xboxs that where returned.Where im from alot of people returned them along with kinnect.I still think they need to minus what was returned.It would be more legit.Im not surprised they sold that much due to kinnect alot of people on the banwagon for that but all I hear is alot of disspointed people with the overall experience.

Neko_Mega2928d ago

360 is hacked day one, it uses pretty much the same hardware as PS2.

Meaning both use DVD, plus PS3 isn't fully hack like the 360 and so far all they can do with PS3 is add old school games that you could play on your PC.

360 you can hack someones account, install any game and more.

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Loner2929d ago

360 is in beast mode