Xbox's David Dennis on December NPDs, 'best month ever for Xbox 360 hardware sales'

Xbox 360 had a good year. It could've been exclusive hits like Halo Reach, which landed in the No. 3 spot on the top selling games of 2010, according to NPD. Or it could've been the Xbox 360 S console refresh which, since its unveiling at E3 last June, has remained on top of the monthly home console sales numbers for an impressive six months straight. Or maybe it was the Kinect, which shipped a whopping eight million units by the end of the year, and sold well over its five million unit goal.

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N4GAddict2833d ago

Excellent job from Microsoft

deadreckoning6662833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

So...about that doom and gloom for the 360 the majority of N4G were talking about?

Anyone else find it ironic that on N4G, the 360 has had a 3 year downturn...yet in the real world, its doing better and better? Last time I checked, consumers don't buy gaming consoles that have "no gamez".

@Loner- Yeah, the sales of the 360 or PS3 don't directly benefit me in any way...but I want to try to understand why the desperation for the 360 to fail is exclusive to N4G. I've been to PLENTY of gaming news sites and N4G, by FAR, has the most vigorous hatred towards the 360...which is quite odd considering its merely a piece of technology.

Traditionally speaking, the 360 has on average 2-3 AAA exclusives per year and the MAJORITY of the 360 audience hasn't complained. 2011 is set to be no different...yet all of a sudden the 360 is doomed and it has "no gamez" according to N4G.

It doesn't make sense.

Loner2833d ago

Its been going on since before 360 was released.Nothing new.Every year doom and gloom
Apparently the PS3 was supposed to destroy it and looked how that turned out
PS3 in last place since the gen started.

FailOverHero2833d ago

I know right? Remember when everybody went ape about that old dude saying microsoft should drop the xbox division? This same division made 6.3 billion in the US region alone this year. But if n4g is to be believed, x360 is on its way down! I guess 51 million consoles and counting is the new down

theonlylolking2833d ago

The 360 has been doing great in the real world if you are talking about money making for M$ and sales but when it comes to what counts for gaming the 360 is at a downturn. That is why on N4g the 360 is on a downturn since it is not doing what it is supposed to be doing for gamers/games.

HeavenlySnipes2833d ago

talk about games. Sony, MS and Nintendo have to much money to go bankrupt. I don't know what idiots are telling you they'll drop out of gaming.

On the gaming side of things, MS's lineup is laughable compared to the competition. Continue to hangup posters of monthly NPD results from America on your wall while PS?Nintendo gamers play awesome games made and only found on their systems.

RememberThe3572833d ago

Really you want to point hat out now? After all the doom and gloom for every console ever made you want to point out the 360 as the soul victim? Sorry but every rational mind knows that the 360 isn't going anywhere until Corporate pulls the plug.

Dead there is not need to generalize off of a hand full of people. N4G is a community of competing opinions. I love how you call out N4G as if you don't comment here. This site has no consensus about anything, we wouldn't even be able to agree that the sky is blue.

the 360 is doing great and the Kinect experiment is at the very least a huge short term success.

You keep bringing up the issue of games as if having 3 great game is just as good as have 6. That is not the case, as most people would love higher standards on all products so that they could not only choose the best games to play but also the best games that also fit their preference more. As a gamer wh would you choose 3 great games instead of 6?

Also, the success of Kinect does not directly impact a lot of people N4G as a lot of us don't really care about the more casual software that is out there ATM. So when people give MS props for having a great holiday it doesn't mean they have changed their minds about the exclusives situation, only that they (we) are giving credit where credit is due.

edgeofblade2833d ago

It's clear the only way the PS3 snarkaholics can spin this into a negative is by giving loose defenses of their PS3, saying the games are self-evidently better, and that the "360 is on a downturn since it is not doing what it is supposed to be doing for gamers/games."

It's clear you can only supply qualitative opinions of why the PS3 is better. In that regard, you are totally entitled to your own opinion. However, it's supremely arrogant to suggest that your opinion overrides the proof in the numbers. Your opinions have no ability to change reality. If you really want to do that, go buy another few PS3s and rebuy all those games a two or three more times, because I'm convinced some of you are so dedicated to crushing Microsoft, you'll do anything to prop up your precious system. It's DELUSIONAL.

And regardless of whether or not it's "true" sell-through numbers, the numbers still derive from restocks which are themselves indications of sales. Retailers would not be ordering more if they were sitting on shelves gathering dust.

I'm more than willing to accept that both consoles are doing very well, once you take away the specter of cut-thought competition and the ludicrous concept of a "war". But somehow, I don't expect the Microsoft hate-boys are going to let up from their "righteous" crusade to kill one evil corporation while backing another equally evil corporation. (Case in point: )

So, as a sign of good faith, let me point this out: the numbers say that the Wii is beating us all by a huge margin and the Nintendo fanboys don't even have to talk shit anymore. They just point at the score board. That should scare you more than PS3 taking 3rd to 360's 2nd place.

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pixelsword2833d ago

Congrats Microsoft; you earned it.

cereal_killa2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

deadreckoning666 your starting to remind me of Meg Griffin from family guy every time I see your post I want to say

We get it already your a 360 Muppet why don't you just sell your PS3 you claim to own and sell it on Ebay you should be able to get enough to buy 2 360s then you can sit besides CAPPPPPPTAIN KINNNNNNNECT and join his JLM (Justice League of Muppet's).

edgeofblade2833d ago

Real classy, cereal. Real classy.

littletad2833d ago

Even if it's selling well, I want more games. Sony's lineup is quite better than it's ever been in years. If Microsoft really thinks Kinect can turn things around on it's own, they are in for a rude awakening.

King-Leonidas2833d ago

tbh i dunno why xbox so succesful this year. since thy hardly have exclusives this year

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mightyboot2833d ago

Its amazing what marketing does to sheep.

Loner2833d ago

Yeah its good for their wool i hear

FailOverHero2833d ago

Bro, you might wanna cover up, don't you know Kinect can see your butt(hurt)?

ReBurn2833d ago

I actually do enjoy the Kevin Butler ads. They're pretty funny most of the time.

Captain Tuttle2832d ago

The problem with the Kevin Butler ads is that they're aimed at the existing user base. The snarky comments and little asides only connect with the hardcore who already own and love the system. Sony spent money advertising to the people who need the least convincing. Stupid use of money.

ReBurn2832d ago

I agree with you, sir. This was just my pathetic attempt at highlighting the irony of mightyboot's comment.

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ForROME2833d ago

Xbox - Impressive, ROME salutes you

pixelsword2833d ago






King-Leonidas2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

What? Who salutes kinect? Certainly not Sparta. I´ve prohibited the marketing of Kinect in Sparta.

@pixelsword Calm down son thats my line

ForROME2832d ago

Sparta is not Important - ROME ended the Greeks

joeorc2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

ok that's a lil harsh now, come on...this is a very good start for the Year for Microsoft and they are doing very good in support of a new device they just brought out. How can that be a bad thing?.

the core games are going to be's just the start of the year no doubt there will be plenty of great 2nd an 3rd party games an some 1st party offerings that are made for the core dynamic throughout the year. Exclusives are nice an all Microsoft will have them..but total area of games is where it's at, an Microsoft has the consumer covered.

congrats Microsoft on the start of another great year in gaming.

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