Black Ops, Halo Reach, Goldeneye: What is the Best Buy?

With three Blockbuster franchises released within two months of each other, one must wonder which is better and why. Using several mediums of judgment, this article attempts to determine what is the best shooter of the end of 2010 and why.

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brattyskake2839d ago

Black Ops, Halo Reach these two games are best for your coins :)

HolyOrangeCows2838d ago

Let's see....Call of Duty, Call of Halo, and Call of Goldeneye.
Hmmm....that's a tough one.

Screw all of them, just get COD4 or Halo 3.

KillerBBs2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I had 10 friends that played this title when it came out and now I got one... and that one would agree to the following. OMG this game is horrible! This and Gears are the only two games were you can shoot someone in the back and they can turn around and kill you first. This title is broken... having a jump on someone means nothing!

Shok2839d ago

Goldneye 007, unless you're big on Halo or COD. Halo Reach and BO are both too much of the same IMO.

Murgatroyd72839d ago

I don't think any of these were the best shooter of 2010, but out of the three, my vote definitely goes to GoldenEye.

theonlylolking2839d ago

Halo reach is the best one then its probably 007.

ItsEvan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Anything but black ops.

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The story is too old to be commented.