Battlefield: Bad Company: first images!

The game was introduced 3 days ago in the last edition of Game Informer.

DICE will make a new Battlefield game while it is working on Battlefield 2142 for the PC. It will be the most intensive singleplayer & multiplayer Battefield ever.

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General5375d ago

Once again you forgot to make it PS3 news to....

Marty83705375d ago

Link to English sites dumbass.

kingboy5375d ago

very childish way of posting

TheMART5375d ago

First of, it's a 360 website, so I didn't see any PS3 right away.

Second, Multi Format, could be.

Third, pictures are there, no need to read text I guess.

And finally, it's funny how 4 PS fans jump on this story even before it's posted

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The story is too old to be commented.