Nintendo DS passes the Playstation 2 in total U.S. sales

XMNR: One of the interesting tidbits of news to come out the NPD December 2010 sales reports is the lifetime sales of the Nintendo DS. According to NPD, the Nintendo handheld has now passed Sony's very successful Playstation 2.

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firefoxprime2927d ago

Wow. That impressive. I'm also aware its only "US" prices.

-Superman-2927d ago

Well you mean DS is mini console, PS2 is home console.
They are 2 differenth thing
Nintendo owns mini consoles, sony owns home console

Samus HD2927d ago

you are just jealous..,,

SonyNGP2926d ago

lol [STALKER]/-Shooter-/[Superman] /-Superman-

Dark_Charizard2926d ago

Where? I don't see Sony owning anyone in home consoles today. Nintendo is KING of all consoles!!

The way you called DS a "mini" console instead of handheld makes u look kinda jealous and butthurt

N4GAddict2927d ago

Great milestone for Nintendo

deadreckoning6662927d ago

Yeah, its crazy. I can only imagine how far the 3DS will go.

topgeareasy2927d ago

comparing it to the PS2 is a bit unfair since hardware of the ds improves over time.

Queasy2927d ago

They count the DS from the original phat DS to the DSi XL.

The PS2 came in different models too so it isn't all that different.

SoSLy2927d ago

fat ps2 and the slim ps2..... thats it. I believe the DS has more since i remember buying one a week before a better version came out.

EasilyTheBest2927d ago


In the Uk there was the -

Fat PS2
Slim PS2
Super Slim PS2

topgeareasy2927d ago

ask your self what can you do with the latest PS2 that you can't do with the first one then what can you do with the latest DS (not 3ds) that you can't do with the first one. see the difference.

Queasy2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The Slim PS2 added a built-in ethernet port. On the downside, it removed support the for HDD.

Sony also upgraded the laser in later revisions and updated support for the PS1 games. All in all, there were 18 different versions of the PS2 (though not all made it to the US).

And need I mention the awesome PSX!?! Oh wait...I really don't need to. ;)

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Neko_Mega2927d ago

Yeah if you don't count worldwide sales then it does, to bad PS2 hasn't stop selling.

Marquis_de_Sade2927d ago

Well yes, it clearly states US only, what is your point?

mightyboot2927d ago

And 3DS will probably go further.

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The story is too old to be commented.