PSP2 not the PSP Phone

PSP2 set to take on 3DS in 2011

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N4GAddict2834d ago

Sony changed the design

HolyOrangeCows2834d ago

That's just a fan-concept. All of this is just rumor or speculation....not even NEW speculation.

MVGeneral2834d ago

I was really hoping for the PSP2 Phone. I want a device that has it all and so I don't have to carry 3 things with me everywhere i go. And plus 4g connection anywhere means anywhere multiplayer.And plus with the phone offering, providers set up monthly plans so people can afford it without losing an arm and a leg. Sony get your game together and give us what we want.

Anarki2834d ago

I'd like some sort of internet connectivity, not just wi-fi. Like the iPad has...

firefoxprime2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

That's not it. Just a fan made version to the leaked photo a couple months back. I may actually buy both versions...depending on what the psp2 offers.

fungmi2834d ago

Don't think there are any real screen shots of the device yet, I want both PSP2 and 3DS ... can't wait ... it's gonna be a good year for gamers. Hope they get rid of UMD though!

MetalGearBear 2834d ago

PSP2 can run with PS2 games and mini games like skank, castle crashers or etc?

silkrevolver2834d ago

...I mean... DUH!!! Come on, this is kind of old news.

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The story is too old to be commented.